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Sicilian Escape

When the doldrums of winter start to hit and your mind conjures dreams of a warm weather escape, look to Sicily. Not only will you be able to lap up luxury at off-season rates and avoid crowding, you will still benefit from the temperate climate of the region when you travel to Sicily in the winter. During winter months, the autumn rains have slowed and the island is bursting with fresh greenery and blossoms, making it especially lovely. With the comfortable winter temperatures and warm Mediterranean sunlight, the vitamin D you’ll soak up as you tour this incredible island may be just what the doctor ordered.

Why Travel to Sicily (And What To Expect When You Get There)

First Impressions
The island is perfectly sized for an unforgettable Sicily road trip, with no point or attraction being more than roughly a half day of scenic driving from any other by rental car. You can be on the road shortly after touch down when you arrange to collect your rental car in a convenient location, such as Palermo’s Falcone-Boresellino Airport. The first thing you will be struck by is how intensely beautiful the island is. It’s literally teeming with lush gardens, rugged coastlines and an eclectic presentation of historic architecture, which reveals the rich cultural influences that have cultivated here for centuries here to create a way of life that is uniquely Sicilian.

Sicilian Style
Sicily is a land of abundance. Taking the day at a leisurely pace, the Sicilian lifestyle is one which indulges both joy and ritual, and you are sure to find both. Villa accommodations range from comfortable and homey to outright lavish, all with gracious and enthusiastic hosts. In coastal cities like Palermo, Taormina, Catania and Trapani, you are more likely to find spirited night scenes amongst merry locals, while the smaller surrounding towns will provide deep and restful peace and quiet.  It would be abhorrent to write a piece on Sicily without mentioning the food. Sicilian cuisine is characterized by freshness. Expect succulent seafood, voluptuous vegetables, savory oils and herbs, decadent sweets and of course, fruity, full-bodied vintages— all emblematic of this bountiful land. Eating such robust fare will fill you with gusto and power you through the many joyous excursions that Sicily offers.

Seeing the Sights
After you have booked your flights and selected your rental car among Auto Europe’s extensive Italian rental car fleet, one thing you will want to consider is footwear. You will definitely need comfortable shoes to walk among the Valley of Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with gorgeous examples of ancient palaces dedicated to Greek deities. If you really love classic architectures, you will get a kick out of scaling the acropolis to see the Segesta Temple, as well. You may also enjoy the ornate beauty of the Palermo Cathedral, built in the 12th century.

With a quick drive from Trapani, you can enjoy a picnic amongst limestone bluffs at San Vito lo Capo, generally considered to be the island’s most gorgeous beach—though you are free to explore the coastline in your rental car and corroborate that opinion for yourself! You are sure to find many strong contenders for the title! You can do some hiking among the otherworldly, volcanic Mount Etna, but be advised that the temperature will drop significantly in higher altitudes. For something a little more moderate, take a stroll around the Castle of Venus, ancient stone buildings and sweeping coastal views in the well-preserved village of Erice. You will delight in Sicily’s natural splendor!

Warm yourself through the winter with memories of your Sicilian escape. Auto Europe specializes in helping you reach your dream destinations by offering the best rates and award-winning service for rental cars, airfare, hotels, and GPS units. Call our expert reservation agents toll-free, 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555 and let us know how we can help you arrange luxury travel to Sicily.

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