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Where to Get Passport Photos

Where to Get Passport Photos

Whether you’re a veteran globetrotter in need of a passport renewal, or a rookie traveler applying for your first passport, everyone should know where to get passport photos. Fortunately, a variety of great options are available to you, from pharmacy locations like your local Walgreens or CVS, to big-box stores like Costco, and even online passport photo services.

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but gathering the necessary documents to do so can be a huge headache. Save your time and money for vacation, and you use Auto Europe’s comprehensive guide to discover the most convenient and cheapest locations to get your passport pictures taken.

Related Passport Information from US Department of State:

Passport Photos: Walgreens

Price: $12.99

Passport Photos WalgreensAll Walgreens locations in the United States offer “one hour or less” passport photo services for $12.99, providing you with 2 correctly-sized, high-quality photos that meet all government passport standards. Walgreens also provides the government passport application if you need it, so you can complete your application while waiting for your photos to print.

Walgreens Passport Photos

Passport Photos at CVS

Price: $12.99

Passport Photos at CVSCVS also offers passport photos for $12.99, providing customers with 2 pre-cut, professional-quality pictures that meet all US governments passport photo requirements. As an added bonus, CVS offers a $2 off coupon for passport photos, bringing the total cost of your passport pictures to $10.99.

CVS Passport Photos

Passport Photos: Rite Aid

Price: $7.99

Passport Photos Rite AidLike it’s pharmacy counterparts listed above, government regulation passport photos are also available at Rite Aid, though at nearly half the cost when you use their in-store coupon.

Rite Aid Passport Photos

Costco Passport Photos

Price: $4.99 (Membership Required)

Costco Passport PhotosCostco offers the cheapest passport photos available, only charging $4.99, though a Costco membership is required. If there happens to be a Costco in your area, and you’re already a member, this is a highly affordable and convenient option for getting passport photos.

Costco Passport Photos

Walmart Passport Photos

Price: $7.44

Walmart Passport PhotosWalmart Photo offers passport photos for $7.44, with a guaranteed 1 hour turn around time, making it one of the most affordable and convenient locations to get your passport pictures taken. And, if you can’t make it in to pick them up, Walmart even offers home delivery services for your passport pictures.

Walmart Passport Photos

Important Passport Information from US Department of State:

AAA Passport Photos

Price: $7.50 (Membership) / $15.00 (Non-Members)

AAA Passport PhotosAAA passport photos are available for $15.00 to non-members, and $7.50 for basic members. Additionally, AAA Plus and Premier members get their first two sets of passport photos free, per household, per membership year.

AAA Passport Photos

Passport Photos: Post Office

Price: $15.00

Passport Photos Post OfficeIn addition to providing passport applications and renewals on behalf of the United States Department of State, USPS also offers regulation passport photos for $15.00, making it a convenient, one-stop-shop for first time applicants. Not all locations offer passport photo services, so be sure and call ahead to find out if your local post office offers this service.

Post Office Passport Photos

Where to Get Passport Photos – Take Passport Photos Online

Numerous websites provide passport photos online, the most popular being, where you can crop, resize, and use your own images for passport photos. Simply upload your pictures, and select either mail delivery or drugstore pickup, with prices for both starting at $1.50 per photo. Not only do they provide a convenient and user-friendly interface for passport photos, they also provide professional validation to guarantee that all your pictures meet the official passport photo standards before they are sent out.

The Best Place to Take Passport Photos

When deciding where to get passport photos, a number of contributing factors should be considered, including convenience, turn-around time, and price. For the cheapest passport photos, Costco prices the most competitively at $4.99, but the stores membership requirement makes their passport photo service less convenient than the other options. Both Walmart and Rite Aid provide the best value for your money, offering low cost passport photos ($7.44 and $7.99 respectively), and a guaranteed one hour turn around time. If you’re comfortable taking your own photos, the online options will always be the most affordable, but require an understanding of the passport photo regulations provided by the US Department of State.

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