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Travel Tips From The Walking Dead

If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead on AMC, you have probably spent some time thinking about how you would handle a zombie outbreak. There are some valuable lessons that can be learned from a survivalist mindset that will apply to many areas of your life, and not just an apocalypse scenario. Even though season two has just finished airing, you can still benefit! Here are some travel tips that you can take away from The Walking Dead.

The Importance of Tags

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or any show with a large fan base, you are probably well aware of how much spoilers can ruin the experience. People who don’t label spoilers on the internet are a truly evil bunch, but there’s something you can learn from them. Tag your bags! It’s amazing how many people don’t do this. Put labels on the outside, the inside and tape them on. Be sure to add your contact phone number, so in the event that someone does take your bag by mistake (hey it could happen, right?) they can call you and let you know. Be sure to use tags that don’t publicly display all your information unless it’s needed. By the way, the image to the right is definitely not a spoiler if you haven’t seen the show.

Pack Light & Know What You Need

SEASON ONE, EPISODE ONE SPOILERSThe Walking Dead begins with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma after a gunshot wound, only to discover the world around him has changed into a post apocalyptic nightmare where the dead reanimate in search of living flesh to eat. Rick is able to grab a decent amount of guns and ammo from the police station where he works. However he is forced to abandon the stash when he gets overrun by zombies. What does this teach us about travel? Packing more than you can carry is going to slow you down, so think long and hard about the things you need. Anyone who is backpacking across Europe is probably familiar with this concept. Figure out what is essential to you, and find the best way to shrink it down if you want to have the ability to just up and go at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Follow the Herd

SEASON TWO, EPISODE ONE SPOILERS Let’s take a look at this from the zombies’ perspective. There’s a scene in the first episode of season two, where a group of human survivors is hiding from a large herd of zombies that are meandering down the highway. Because zombies don’t have the best searching skills, it’s not that hard for prey to remain relatively safe. You don’t always have to stay on the beaten path and do the touristy stuff. Ask locals for advice on where to find the best places to eat, and you might be surprised with the delicious morsels you will uncover. Otherwise you might just walk on by, none the wiser.

Have a Rendezvous Point

There a couple of times during the show where you just want to scream, “Why don’t you have a meeting place?!” Don’t make the same mistake that the group does! When you’re going out in a city, always have a plan to meet somewhere easy to find if you get separated. Nowadays nearly everyone has a cell phone, so that helps, but being prepared can’t hurt!

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