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Travel Tips From Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan is the main character in the Showtime hit “Dexter”. First off, if you haven’t seen the show, go watch at least the first season. Now just to be crystal clear, I’m not talking about, or advocating any kind of armed vigilante justice. The last thing you or anyone should do is follow that example. There are however a couple of other things that you can learn about travel from Dexter.

Be Organized
Dexter has his ducks (and knives) in a row pretty much all the time. Granted there is some OCD mixed in there as well, but his planning is pretty stellar for the most part. He packs everything he needs as neatly as possible, in the most efficient way possible. I get the feeling that he would be frustrated with anyone he was forced to travel with. I can’t imagine Dexter and Deb on a flight together with him at least getting mildly annoyed with her.

Prepare for Anything
There have been times when Dexter hasn’t been prepared, and he’s been fortunate and crafty to stay “off the table” to say the least. When you’re planning your trip itinerary, think about all the things that could happen and try to plan ahead. This is especially applicable if you’re planning an outdoor activity where good weather is a must. Always have a plan B, so if it’s raining on the day you’re supposed to go para-sailing, it won’t put a damper on the day.

Stay Cool
Dexter is a cool cat. I mean, he definitely has to be giving with what he deals with at work and in his personal life. You should aim for that level of coolness when you travel. Try not to let the little things bother you, and if stuff starts getting to you, don’t show your frustration to your travel companions. Both good and bad attitudes are contagious, so whichever one you are giving off into the world is going to shape part of your experience.

Know Your Limits
If there’s one thing that can be learned from Dexter, it’s that the balancing act of family, professional life, and extracurricular activities is a delicate one to say the least. Don’t try to have too much on your plate. Be realistic about how much time (and money) you want to spend in certain cities and at various attractions. Communicate these thoughts with your traveling group so that you can be on the same page, and you don’t get in over your head.

Leave No Trace

In the show, Dexter Morgan goes to great lengths to avoid getting caught, and this involves a lot of cleaning up. Whether you’re hiking in the black forest of Bavaria, or strolling through the Louvre, the last thing you want to do is leave any kind of impression. Keep your hands off the art, and if you’re in the woods, be sure to carry out all that you carry in. Make sure you leave your hotel room a rental car as clean as you left it.

Stick to this code and you will be on your way to having a great vacation!

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