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Tips for First Time Travelers

Congratulations! You’re finally fulfilling your dream and traveling to Europe… but now what? Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure you have the safest trip possible.

Our Tips for First Time Travelers

It is crucial that you do your homework. Each country differs in areas ranging from climate and visa requirements to events and accommodations. Visit our travel and driving information pages for more information.

Get Insurance
When traveling in a new country it is important to cover all your bases. Travel to Ireland, for example, requires driving on the opposite side of the road. Unfamiliar driving conditions can make us prone to accidents. Therefore, it is important that when you rent a car to get full coverage. Full coverage includes unlimited mileage, value added tax, liability, fire insurance, collision damage waiver, and theft insurance. Some car rental suppliers will also provide additional insurances locally to help reduce your deductible, or to cover your belongings and other passengers. Traveling new roads can be stressful, but taking these precautions can alleviate much of that stress.

Protect Your Health
No one wants to get sick on vacation. Approximately eight weeks prior to traveling, check with your physician for the most up-to-date vaccinations and other precautions required for your specific destination.

Passports and Visas
All countries require a passport, but depending upon your length of stay, some may also require a visa. Another important document for travel is an international driver’s license. Certain countries, such as Greece, require this. Others, such as Italy, highly recommend it. An IDL may be obtained at your local AAA office or by visiting Make sure to bring copies of each in the event that they are lost or stolen.

Safety Precautions
Just like we learned in kindergarten, it’s always a great idea to practice the buddy system. Also, leave an itinerary with friends and family members back home; then continually check in with them for updates on your whereabouts.

Obey All Laws and Customs
It is important to remember that consular assistance cannot override local laws. It is your responsibility to ensure proper understanding of all road signs. For a quick overview, visit our road sign informational pages. You can also select your designated vacation destination for more specific details to your country of travel.

What safety tip would you like to add? Leave your comment below!

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