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Extras, Extras!

We get many questions every day about the additional equipment that can sometimes be rented in Europe.  Let’s take a look at what is generally offered, and when is the best time to ask for it.

Important Additional Car Rental Equipment

Child seats are available at nearly every location. You will want to request the seat in advance, as it will be attached to your rental. Make sure to note the age and weight of the child in the request. There are many laws pertaining to children in car seats, and the rental companies can be held responsible if you drive off the lot without one when it is needed. Older children may also use booster seats if the location knows to have them in advance.

Ski/snowboard racks are generally only available at mountain locations.  This is another item that you should request in advance. It’s important to note how many pairs of skis/snowboards you will have with you so that you can reserve what you need. Typically a car can be fitted with a rack that can hold 4 pairs of skis, or 4 snowboards.

Auto Europe offers GPS on all rentals in Europe, so it is important to request it in advance. We offer our own in house GPS, which you can read more about here.

In Europe, pretty much all new cars come equipped with CD players and 1/8″ auxiliary inputs. There are however some cars that will not have either of these, so if you need either, it’s best to ask at the counter.  All rental cars in Europe will have a standard FM radio, so if you take an FM transmitter with you on your trip, you will be able to listen to your own music once you plug in your MP3 player.  If you are going to be in Europe for a longer stay, our Peugeot leasing options will provide an auxiliary input in all but two of its models in 2009.

Diesel fuel is available to request at the counter, although there are some cases where we can confirm it in advance, like with our long term Peugeot leases. Read more about diesel myths here.

Of course there are other things that different rental stations may have to offer. Remember that it is always a good idea to book whatever equipment you need as far in advance as possible. It can only help make your vacation more smooth!

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2 Responses to Extras, Extras!

  1. Martin Cleaver says:

    It’s not clear from your site as to whether car seats are charged extra – perhaps you can let me know, and also add this to your site?


  2. Child seats usually always come with a fee, which varies depending on who your supplier is, and your pick up and drop off locations.

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