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Autumn in Europe, 5 Fall Family Vacation Ideas

Autumn in Europe: 5 Fall Family Vacation Ideas

Traveling in the fall is not only a beautiful time to see Europe, but it also means some serious benefits. That is, cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation and the perfect climate. By choosing to spend autumn in Europe you will enjoy cool weather, spectacular landscapes, and very few tourists to block your path. You’ll get to really experience European culture, as well as explore the landscapes and towns that have been left almost deserted for your vacation.

From the spectacular harvest season in Tuscany, Italy, and the Loire Valley in France, when you can taste fresh and fruit local wines, to the beaches and towns of Spain’s Canary Island La Gomera, Europe has something for every member of the family. So what are you waiting for!

Start your fall family vacation here by discovering our top five fall family vacations:

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, and is usually on every travelers bucket list. But instead of choosing the summer months when almost every vacation spot in Italy is filled with tourists and the weather can be extremely hot, why not pick the fall instead and enjoy the warm temperatures of Southern Italy and its many festivals throughout September and October. September is the start of the harvest, and with it brings plenty of exquisite local food festivals to celebrate. For those who want to relax but would still like some warm weather, Tuscany is the perfect destination, after the summer crowds have vacated, the region slows down almost entirely. You can visit the local vineyards to sample the wine when they are actually harvesting the grapes, and olive groves and presses when they are harvesting the olives. It’s a great destination for foodies, people who like to relax, and those who still want warm days but much cooler nights. Be aware that because of the warm climate you may not see the warm fall reds you see in other parts of Northern Europe, but the seasonal change is just as beautiful in Tuscany, we promise.

Loire Valley, France

Loire Valley, France

Fall is the season when the leaves on the vines in the Loire Valley in France start to change color, and the rich yellows, browns, and burnt oranges arrive. Enjoy a fruity wine on a crisp but sunny fall day at the vineyards and watch the grapes being harvested. If the thought of tasting grapes or wine isn’t for you or you are looking for fall vacations for the whole family, then the region is also dotted with plenty of castles, such as the Chenonceau Castle, the scene of King Henry II and Queen Catherine de Medici’s history. Embark on a road trip through the Loire Valley this fall, and enjoy all the incredible restaurants, attractions, and relaxing vistas. You can also rent boats and tour the River Cher, visit the Troglodyte Caves, where ancient people lived and worked, and take part in activities such as biking, hiking and canoeing throughout the valley.

Lo Gomera, Spain

Lo Gomera, Spain

While Spain is known for being a popular summer vacation spot, when the crowds leave and the weather cools down the country retains a charm that makes fall one of the best times to experience Spain’s natural beauty. And if you still want to take a dip in the sea without worrying about being cold, you can! La Gomera, in Spain’s Canary Islands, is a volcanic island that can often be a little too hot in the summer but usually has a perfectly warm climate in the fall. The beautifully natural island is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Garanjonay, where you can try your hand at species spotting while navigating ravines and forests in this impressive prehistoric landscape. The largely unspoilt island also has a number of beaches, towns and valleys that are much quieter yet still active in the fall.

Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane, Poland

Get away from the always busy cities and into the beautiful countryside of Poland. Zakopane is usually one of Poland’s most popular winter spots, but just before the seasons change it is a great place to experience the reds, yellows and browns of the Polish landscape. Stay in one of the beautiful, large wooden medieval cabins in the mountains that have been converted to hotels, or visit them as the museums they are today. Zakopane and its mountains are great for hiking and walking in the fall, and if you prefer a touch of glamour then you can head into the town itself for a delicious traditional Polish meal.

Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest, Germany

The harvest season in Germany is known as the “Goldener Oktober,” which means it’s golden and beautiful. And where better to experience the most stunning change of the year than in the tree-filled 4,600 square miles of the Black Forest. Perfect for nature lovers and adventurers alike, the Black Forest is so dense that the pine trees often block out the light in the woods, hence the name. Be fascinated by the forest’s rich and mysterious mythical history, including tales of werewolves, witches and wizards, great for igniting both the imagination of kids as well as adults. Trek to the largest waterfall in Germany in Schwarzwald and learn about the impending threats to the forest. It will be a vacation like no other!

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