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5 Tips for Planning Your Holidays Early

Shop Around
The daily lives of American travelers have become increasingly more jam-packed, our obligations more complex, fast-paced, and unpredictable, making committing to and booking travel accommodations months in advance a seemingly daunting task. The convenient thing about holiday travel, however, is it occurs during the same time every year, and the entire family can usually count on having several days off. Being able to commit to (or be flexible with) specific dates and times provides you with a helpful time cushion and the ability to search for the best deals. While most travel companies strongly advise against looking at competitors rates, Auto Europe encourages it! We want our clients to feel confident knowing they will always be receiving the guaranteed lowest rates on car rentals in Europe when booking with us. If at any point during your research you find a car rental rate that is lower than price we have quoted you, we will gladly match that rate!

Book Early & Save
Once you’ve determined you won’t find a better deal, sigh with relief and confirm your reservation. You have just bought yourself peace of mind! There will undoubtedly be impressive deals popping up during the final days and weeks leading up to peak travel times, but are they really worth the headache and uncertainty of not having a solid plan? Completely avoid the hassle of scouring the internet for last-minute transportation deals and rely on Auto Europe  for all your car rental needs while traveling abroad this holiday season. Early bird planners can save up to 30% on our already low car rental rates, and they’ll be the envy of friends and family when their plans have been solidified before the snow flies!

When to Go
Many travelers have their hearts set on being at their destination on the “eve” of major holidays, and while ideal, this can ultimately put you in a pricey and stressful situation. Opting to travel on the actual holiday is a huge money (and stress) saver, as airports and roadways are generally less crowded. An early departure will put you on the ground with the better part of the day left to celebrate, and if you are able to extend your stay, even by a day, you will likely be able to reap the benefits of cheaper airfare.

Consider Alternate Routes
With over 8,000 convenient pickup locations  worldwide, collecting your rental car has never been easier.  If you’re heading to a family gathering on the outskirts of Paris, consider arranging an airport transfer service to drive you to pick up your rental car and completely avoid the anxieties associated with driving in the city.  Airports are also typically a favored expedient for hurried travelers when it comes to picking up their car rentals, and although familiarizing yourself with alternate airports is not a new concept, it can be a huge time saver when nailing down your travel plans.  Every year, nearly 70 million individuals determine that flying into London Heathrow  is their best option, but even though London Stansted  is situated further away from central London, it may actually be a cheaper and more accessible alternative, especially when it comes to holiday travel.

Carefully Chart Connections
When crafting your holiday itinerary, be sure to chart connections carefully, and factor in extra time for flight delays and inclement weather.  Avoid scheduling connecting flights that are less than an hour apart, especially if the connecting airport is large and has terminals that are spread out. If a snug connection is a must, consult the terminal map located inside your in-flight magazine in order to familiarize yourself with the airport’s layout before you land. While your schedule is likely to be booked solid, budgeting for unforeseen factors is crucial and will help you avoid those dreaded worst-case scenarios.

Auto Europe  is available to our clients before, during and after their trip to help ensure their plans unfold seamlessly. Contact Auto Europe toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555 to start making your holiday arrangements today!

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