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5 Regifting Ideas That Won’t Make People Cringe

‘Tis the season to be regifting? Not so fast! Keep that fat-reducing, electric grill and Aunt Edna’s hand-knit reindeer sweater hidden in the back corner of your closet, please. This year, think outside of the gift box when it comes to this somewhat taboo topic. After careful consideration, the following 5 regifting ideas will make any world-traveler’s holiday.

Hotel Points

Hilton allows their HHonors’ members to give points to friends or family. The recipient can put these towards a stay in over 91 countries. So, if you have earned more points than you plan on using in the New Year, pass them on to the newlyweds in the family.

Frequent Flier Miles

American Airlines permits AAdvantage card holders to share their miles with a friend or family member. Perhaps you have been racking up miles all year with business travel and are fortunate to have more miles than you know what to do with? This gift of travel will leave the giftee with their head in the clouds, giddy and dreaming up all the vacation destination possibilities.

Prepaid American Express Card

The prepaid American Express Card can be used almost everywhere that the AMEX credit card is accepted. You aren’t allowed to “gift” a card to another person, but you can have it reissued under another name. It is still technically your card, but you allow someone else to use it. Maybe your employer’s present to you this year will make the perfect regift for a globe-trotting friend?

Generic Gift Cards

These are the brightly printed pieces of plastic that are hung by many-o cash register with care. If you are the recipient of a card you know you won’t ever use, maybe it will better suit someone else. A 50 USD department or book store card might be just the thing to give a friend who is preparing for a trip. Enclose it in a card and list a few purchase ideas inside, like electrical adapters, carry-on luggage, or the latest page-turning novel; your creativity will take you far on thoughtful spending possibilities.

Foreign Currency

Have you recently returned from travels abroad and still have a bit of foreign currency tucked away in your wallet? Before you exchange that 50 Euro bill, and pay a fee to do so, think about whether you have a friend or family member who has upcoming travel plans to Europe. This considerate gift will save the recipient from having to exchange money at the airport after deplaning from a long international flight.

These ideas will have friends and family seeing regifting in a whole new light. Save the fruitcake for your light-hearted Yankee Swap office party. For the best rates on rental cars in Europe and around the world, visit Auto Europe’s website or call us toll-free (from the U.S.) at 1-888-223-5555.


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