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International Driving with a GPS

Vacations Can Be Hectic

Traveling abroad can be stressful enough; from making sure you have all of your proper documents on hand, arriving at the airport on time, and crossing your fingers through your entire flight, hoping your luggage has made it to your final destination. Add getting lost while driving your rental car to that mix car and you’ve created the perfect scenario for a lover’s quarrel or a tension filled family car ride. The last thing you want to do while on vacation is to be driving around aimlessly in a foreign country while bickering with your traveling companions about which left to take–trust me, you’ll always choose wrong. (Ladies, am I right?)

Enter, the GPS; the tool that has revolutionized not only the way travelers get around in foreign cities but also the way itineraries are created and memories are made. Let it do the thinking for you! After all, you’re here to eat, sightsee and shop; who has time for extensive planning? At the end of each day, bring the unit inside to charge and program tomorrows route. Plug in a specific destination and it will tell you the names and locations of favored restaurants, museums and other worthwhile points of interest that are within close proximity to your starting location.

My Experience

On a recent trip to Paris, I discovered a completely new and stress free way to tour the city. I decided to reserve a GPS with my rental car, and I cannot put a proper amount of paris1emphasis on just how much easier it made my week. Traveling in France is something I’m fairly comfortable with, but I had never gone on my own. So, naturally I was a little leery of my ability to confidently navigate international roadways. My GPS unit arrived in the mail a few days before my flight, which was great because I had some time to try it out before it was really crunch time. When I picked up my rental car all I had to do was secure the dash mount and plug it in, my maps were preloaded and I made it to my hotel with absolutely no problems. Every night I spent time planning my routes for the following day and got some great advice on restaurants and shopping opportunities in the process. Moral of the story: Having a GPS is not an absolute necessity for traveling abroad but it will definitely alleviate some stress and improve your over all experience ten fold!

Auto Europe’s GPS Promotion 

Make the most of your trip and take advantage of Auto Europe’s free GPS rental promotion. When you book a compact size car or larger in Europe for more than three days you will receive a free Portable GPS rental when you rent a car for 5 days or longer. The units are the latest Garmin Nuvi 270’s and come with a dashboard mount so they can be easily removed. Visit our GPS specials page  for more information. Happy travels!

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