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Sherlock Fans, Scope Out these 5 London Locations


Producers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was the BBC network’s most watched television show of 2012. The Sherlock series stays true to the novels’ (and short stories) original storyline, but it takes place in present day. Notable differences are that Holmes has given up his pipe smoking days and now sports several nicotine patches when he needs to think, Watson has just returned from serving time in Afghanistan versus Second Anglo-Afghan War (which makes perfect sense in adapting the story to modern times), and technology (GPS, cell phones, computers, etc) plays its vital role in crime solving. Sherlock fans should find the five following places (some new, some original) worth a visit, should you be on holiday in the UK.

photo courtesy of paige_eliz at flickr creative commons

photo courtesy of paige_eliz at flickr creative commons

221B Baker St

You’ll have to go to 187 North Gower Street to snap a photo of the BBC Sherlock’s front door, which is still marked as 221B Baker Street. Traffic noise made the official 221B Baker Street a less than ideal filming site. So, it was moved a half mile away to North Gower Street. There is a Sherlock Holmes Museum situated at the original address, but it should be noted that when the Sherlock Holmes’ stories were written, Baker Street was only numbered to 100. The famous 221B address was assumed on Baker Street after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories became famous. Filming at the Gower Street location doesn’t go beyond the front door, though. In the first two seasons, the interior of the Holmes residence is shot at Upper Boat Studios.

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Speedy’s Café

Just to the right (street view) of the newly appointed 221B door on North Gower Street is Speedy’s Café. The sandwich shop has been pictured many times in the Sherlock series. Stop by and stay for a bite to eat. Try Speedy’s Sherlock Wrap.


photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

New Scotland Yard

Since the late 18th century, the London Metropolitan Police Service name has been synonymous with the moniker, Scotland Yard. Londoners began referring to law enforcement headquarters as the Scotland Yard over a hundred years ago, when the station was based at 4 Whitehall Place. The public entrance was accessed along a side street titled Great Scotland Yard. When the police force relocated to a new address, they took the name with them. While you won’t be able to tour the New Scotland Yard on 10 Broadway, it is still a great place to swing by with your rental car in London. The iconic police hub has made a significant mark in both history books and fictional literature.

photo courtesy of Wikimedia  Commons

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

St Bart’s Hospital

If you have been following the Sherlock series, then you know why this location has made such a huge impact with viewers who watched the last episode of season two. We won’t ruin the story for you, if you haven’t been watching. This hospital is also the place where Holmes and Watson first meet for both the original novel and the show. You can find St Bartholomew’s (or just Barts) Hospital in West Smithfield, London.

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photo courtesy of the

Phone Box in front of St. Bart’s Hospital

Would you like to leave a message for Sherlock Holmes? After the final episode of season two aired, notes began showing up for the fictional detective in the phone box outside St. Bart’s Hospital. Of course people know that Sherlock isn’t a real person; they are just having some fun paying tribute to one of London’s favorite characters.

It is rumored that the BBC’s Sherlock season three won’t be hitting your TV screen until late 2013 or early 2014. Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Watson) have been quite busy starring in films, like The Hobbit, this past year. If you have seen BBC’s Sherlock series, then you know the show will have to wait for the two main actors or lose the duo’s dynamic presence that leaves you wanting to know “what happens next?”.


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  1. idebenone says:

    Not only does the legendary location of Sherlock Holmes’ 221b Baker Street not exist, (indeed, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned these stories, street numbers in Baker Street only went up to 100), but the building that now lays claim to that memorable street number is The Sherlock Holmes Museum. A bizarre recreation of the home of Mr Holmes and Dr Watson, it seems intent on convincing tourists (largely American) that the duo were real people rather than fictional characters.

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