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The Little Things: Quintessential Splurges to Enrich Your Voyage

At Auto Europe, we are proud to offer our quality rental cars at the best rates available. When your rental car is affordable, you are able to fully explore your destination with a zippy and comfortable automobile, and still enjoy a little extra wiggle room in your travel budget. When it comes to travel splurges, I always say to dive straight into the heart of the definitive experiences of your destination to fully enrich your trip. Here are some highlights you might consider:

Our Favorite Travel Splurges (You Won’t Regret Any of These)

Gondola Rides in Venice
While modern boating technologies make it possible to quickly zip about Venice, Italy, you should be sure to enjoy a proper gondola ride at least once. The long, flat-bottomed boats can act as a time travel device, taking you back into the elegant past of this floating city, the ultimate romantic experience. Gondola drivers are often full of valuable local information and tips and are able to get you into tight canals that are inaccessible by other modes of boating. If you’re searching for a somewhat less orthodox experience in navigating Venice, you might consider learning how to operate your own gondola, or even try out a stand-up paddleboard experience! It’s a breeze to pick up a rental car in Venice with our conveniently located offices, and then freely drive the gorgeous Italian countryside.

Barcelona Culinary Workshops
With the succulent seafood, and bold flavors indicative of Spain’s long simmering cultural fusion, it’s no wonder that this Catalan city is also fondly known as the “Capital of the Mediterranean diet” and is listed among the top five food destinations in the world by Food and Wine Magazine. Any level of culinary enthusiast can take some of this action, and a good paella recipe, home with them by taking a cooking workshop in Barcelona. Between coursework and exploratory dining “research,” you can enjoy touring the gorgeous surrounding parks and beaches with a Barcelona rental car!

See Paris From a Seine River Dinner Cruise
Two of the main reasons that we are in love with Paris are the gorgeous scenery and the delicate cuisine. You can combine the two with a river cruise on the Seine. At a table with a loved one, you can enjoy a tempting meal as the glittering skyline rolls slowly by, illuminating one of the world’s most romantic and historic cities. It’s not a historic or informative tour; there will be plenty of opportunities for that by daylight. It’s simply a great way to soak in the Parisian “je ne sais quoi” in an elegant and leisurely fashion. Another simple way to delve into the essence of the city would be to stroll along the Montmartre Place du Tertre to buy a small piece of original artwork by a local artist. You may find yourself in a conversation with an up-and-coming “Renoir” of this generation!

Beer or Chocolate Tour in Brussels
Beautiful Brussels is a central city to the European Union, probably due to its long-held status as a great European melting pot. With that in mind, this cool metropolitan area contains an eclectic array of magnificent architecture that must be seen to be believed. A comfortable cruise through Brussels in a rental car is truly an eye opening experience! Among all these important sights, you will want to make sure to indulge another important sense: taste. Brussels is a capital of both craft breweries and chocolatiers. Those interested in either, or both, of those decadent indulgences will certainly want to maximize their time in Belgium with a guided tour of the best places to enjoy a sweet Lambic beer or grab a delicate milk chocolate bar to carry home for friends. Don’t miss out on any of the attractions, we have rental pick-up and drop-off at many locations in Brussels including the Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport.

Travel is an incredible opportunity to experience the best things in this wonderful world. Getting around your destination in a rental car ensures that you will have the energy to fully enjoy the indulgences that are special to your locale. Adding a little extra romance such a ride in a hot air balloon, a bicycle tour, or a special little purchase can bring pizzazz to your trip. Auto Europe guarantees that our rental cars are at the lowest available rates, so you’ll have room in your travel budget to enjoy some magical extras. We also bakc up our fantastic rates with award-winning customer service and around-the-clock service. Call our travel experts today, toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 to reserve your European rental car at a great price!

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