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Is it Spring Yet?

Last Friday, it was so cold outside here in Portland, Maine that my car failed to start. After losing feeling in my fingers trying to get it going, I began to think of places I would rather be. Here are the three locations that I dreamt of, as I sat frozen in my car while it was -19 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it Spring Yet? 3 Dreamy Spring Destinations

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
This location off the coast of Spain has always been a very popular destination for European travelers and it is not hard to understand why. All kinds of travelers can be entertained with trips to Mallorca’s historical sights that include the Gothic Cathedral and the old city. There is a train that can take you through the mountains of the area for those seeking outdoor adventure. There are often local festivals celebrating just how great life is on the island. A car rental in Mallorca gets you around easily, but you will need to wander on foot if you want to explore the beaches!

Palermo, Italy
Southern Italy is known for it’s warm climate, and I would like to be in Palermo today. Aside from the dozens of beautiful churches to marvel at, the art culture runs deep, and there are museums a plenty to explore. I wouldn’t think twice about getting a car rental in Palermo and heading to the coast line for a scenic drive. With the average February temperature a cool 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I could keep the windows open!

Sydney, Australia
For obvious reasons, Sydney is a great place to be. What is even greater is that while we are freezing here in the US, they are in the middle of their summer! Australia is known for it’s miles of beautiful beaches, scenic deserts, and inland mountains. The Blue Mountains near Sydney would make for an excellent day hike, followed by some fine dining at some of Sydney’s finest restaurants. If you are looking to get more remote, you could always take a rental car in Australia over to Brisbane for some scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef!

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