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Alone or Together, Whatever!

Interested in heading to Europe for a romantic getaway? Are you looking to get away from it all on a solo vacation? Whether you’re planning to travel alone or together, many cities are great for both. Here are a few examples.

Paris, France

No matter what time of year you go, Paris always has a lot to offer. Couples have no problem finding romance at every turn. A plethora of outdoor cafes allow for the most romantic of meals, even if it only consists of a baguette and cheese. A walk along the Seine River while holding hands will warm any chilly evening, and who could resist a kiss in front of the Eifel Tower. If you’re with a loved one, stay in the city, you won’t want to leave.

For those going solo, the appeal of the world’s best museums, beautiful graveyards, monuments and buildings is hard to top. If you’re looking to get outside the city, take your rental car in Paris over to Le Harve for some fishing and meditation on the ocean.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a popular destination for many reasons. Couples can charter a boat to navigate all around the cities ample canals, or rent a couple of bikes to explore the city. The city is filled with beautiful cobblestone streets that lend themselves to romantic walks in the evening. The cities many restaurants and cafes will provide great meals and romantic ambiance.

Solo travelers often find themselves staying longer than planned, as too much time in certain cafes can make you forget what day it is. The art museums of the city are very popular destinations for solo travelers, and there is a very active nightlife. You can also head over to the Heineken brewery for a tour and meet some like minded folk, or take a car rental in Amsterdam over to Haarlem for some delicious Jopenbier.

Barcelona, Spain

Couples in Barcelona can enjoy many things. Intimate restaurants provide a romantic atmosphere for enjoying tapas, while a group dance lesson can have you tangoing the night away. Walks throughout the city will impress you with beautiful Gaudi buildings, as well as Gothic architecture. The view from the top of Sagrada Familia is a great place for a memorable kiss; just don’t let the clergy catch you!

For solo travelers, the night life of Barcelona is hot, hot, and hot! You won’t have trouble meeting people in the clubs here. If that’s not your style, the miles of beaches offer all kinds of room to sunbathe, jog, swim, or whatever. You can always take a car rental in Barcelona over to cities like Valencia for some more art viewing.

Any other dual purpose cities you know of in Europe?  Leave a comment!


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  1. Adrianne says:

    I’ve always thought the natural hot springs of Iceland would make a great romantic destination. :)

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