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Soccer Tourism Around the Globe

For those with a truly international perspective, the sport to watch is soccer— or football, to those in the know. Two hundred and three countries attempted to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. That’s more than there are represented in the United Nations! The universal appeal can be explained by many factors. The game play is greatly equalizing. The tiresome emphasis on size, money and power is replaced by focus on agility, strategy and collaboration. With a relatively low equipment cost, any kid, anywhere in the world, with a ball and a place to kick it can dream about achieving football glory. In a FIFA match, it’s completely possible for a political powerhouse like the USA to be crushed by a smaller, poorer and lesser known nation, like Ghana. It’s difficult to predict a victory without seeing how the players interact on the field. This allows intricate study of team members and statistics. The scoring is incredibly simple, which makes it easy to learn, watch and cheer for. And for those who are not usually sports fanatics, the vehement passion of the fans alone will lend a unique flavor to any football experience, whether they are watching the match in a pub or a grand stadium.

Hooligan Hoards
Excited football fans around the world have been known to get a little rough and tumble surrounding matches between their favorite teams and their most hated rivals. While I always advocate that people keep their minds on safety, and avoid unnecessary risks, the exhilaration of being surrounded by cheering mobs of devotees is unlike any other. The pubs of London or Manchester are easy places to find this, just be sure you’re not wearing the wrong colors! In between matches, there are football museums and souvenir shops in both of these cities where you can pick up a jersey, learn about the teams and soak in the excitement. Munich, with its high-quality breweries and rugged team supporters could also set the stage for a raucous Bavarian football brawl when fans turn their attention to the happenings of Bayern Munich. Exercise caution around the more extremist sports viewers, but allow yourself to catch a bit of the turbulent excitement and you will fondly remember your time among rowdy rivals.

Family Travel
There are a number of great ways to appreciate football when you travel overseas with your family. Your athletic youngsters may enjoy building friendships and memories to last a lifetime in one of many sports camps held in college or university cities across Europe, including Barcelona, Venice and Bordeaux. While they dribble the ball with their local peers on coached teams, they will be building valuable athletic, collaborative and language skills. With the kids at camp, you would be able to freely tour the surrounding city in your rental car, exploring vineyards and vistas while also soaking in a little football culture, yourself. If you’re more interested in experiencing Europe along with your children, you’ll be able to watch in amazement as they interact with local children when you simply pack a picnic and a ball and head to a park.

Feel Like a Footballer
In recent years, many of the professional soccer players have enjoyed jet-set lifestyles beset with travel and glamour. Behind the wheel of a luxury car rental in Paris, you will feel like a true A-list athlete or manager as you zoom toward designer shopping, fine dining and deluxe spas. Catching a Paris Saint Germain match at Parc des Princes in between all that red carpet pampering will add festivity and fun to your trip! Milan, with its famous fashion district and the palatial San Siro Stadium is another great destination for exquisite soccer travel.

With teams and players in virtually every nation on earth, it’s easy to involve a football adventure when you plan your trip overseas. Auto Europe services over 8,000 locations around the world, carrying you from parks to pubs at your own pace and at the best rates in the car rental industry. Book your rental car online with our simple booking engine, or call us at 1-888-223-5555.

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