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Star Light, Colors Bright: Aurora Adventures

Have you ever looked into a clear night sky and seen blazing clouds of iridescent color dancing and winding in complex patterns? The Cree called the Northern Lights the “Dance of the Spirits” and many other cultures have attached spiritual significance to their beauty. If you have never seen them, then I highly suggest seeking out this experience. The phenomenon is known as the Aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere and results from sun particles being drawn into the Earth’s atmosphere near the magnetic poles. In the southern hemisphere, it’s known as the Aurora Australis. North or South, these lights are best seen in remote areas where you can see the sky in its perfection, free from interfering city lights. We recommend these incredible locales:

Best Places to View the Aurora Borealis

When the midnight suns of summer finally set and the long winter nights begin, the Norwegian city of Alta glistens in the shimmering green lights of the Aurora Borealis. You could take a cruise of the fjords in a comfortable ship and receive a wake-up call when the lights are out and active, or take an hour-long drive to Tromsø to see the lights. While you are there, be sure to imbibe a heady brew from the world’s northernmost brewery as you catch the incredible phenomenon. Tromsø also has a landmark planetarium, so you are sure to get your fill of stargazing and fun! Rent a car in Norway to embark on a full-scale exploration of the intense beauty of the Arctic skies!

Stormy weather occasionally breaks over Aberdeen or the Isle of Skye, allowing mesmerizing snakes of color to slither among the stars in beautiful Scotland. While you are waiting for the clouds to clear, you will be able to treat yourself to a rich musical culture and stunning coastal beauty. You may also enjoy sampling the world’s best whisky’s when you take a winter tour of Scotland.

Pick up a rental car in Kiruna, Sweden and you will be able to quickly make your way to the famed “blue hole of Abisko.” This patch of sky that is always clear, no matter what the weather patterns in the surrounding skies might be. This creates perfect sky gazing conditions in the Abusko National Park. Remote and pristine, Northern Sweden hosts incredible beauty and arctic adventure. You can also enjoy ice fishing, snowmobiling and incredible snow shoe treks where you will enjoy one of the few unchanged territories left in the world.

If you are able to tear yourself away from the glamorous and wild nightlife of Reykjavik, you may find another type of night time excitement. Iceland is a relatively small country, so it’s a breeze to get from the city to the wide open skies.  Imagine marveling with your companions as the waves of color whirl across the Icelandic skies. Don’t miss the incredible geological formations and natural hot springs of Iceland, either. As far as otherworldly beauty goes, Iceland is a must-see and a rental car gives you great freedom to tour and explore!

New Zealand
We offer convenient airport rental car pick-ups in Invercargill, New Zealand, one of the southernmost cities on earth. From there, a wide range of rustic romping is at your fingertips. It’s an easy ferry trip from the city to Stewart Island, which holds Rakiura National Park, which the Maori have aptly titled ‘the land of glowing skies.’ The island holds comfortable accommodations for visitors, but is quite free from city light pollution and could provide you with a fascinating view of the Southern Lights in addition many other breathtaking sights and activities. Once you return to the mainland, your rental car will be able to whisk you around the gorgeous views and friendly cosmopolitan cities of New Zealand.

To see the most beautiful view of the Aurora Borealis, getting out of the cities on your own is a must. The easiest and most comfortable way to do this is a rental car. So whether you are star gazing, or lucky enough to catch the colorful show of the Auroras, Auto Europe can help you see nature’s most stunning views. We offer over 10,000 convenient pick-up locations worldwide, and can save you on your rental with our price match guarantee. Call our friendly agents today at 1-888-223-5555 to book a rental with a moon roof to enjoy the Aurora Borealis as you drive.

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