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Olympic Wrap Up

The Winter Olympics have officially ended. It was a win-win situation for Canada. Not only did Vancouver flourish as the host city of the games, but the host nation won the most gold medals and broke the record for most gold medals at a single Winter Olympics by winning 14! It’s quite a turn around for Canada. As host of previous Olympic Games (Montreal 1976 & Calgary 1988), Canada had failed to win a single gold medal. Looks like they ended that streak!

Vancouver Olympic Wrap Up: Oh Canada!

Perhaps the one event that Canadians will treasure more than any other was won on the final day of sports. Of course, I’m talking about ice hockey. The Canadian mens hockey team pulled off a thrilling win against the US, who managed to tie the game with just 30 seconds left, putting it into sudden death overtime. When Canada managed to score 10 minutes into the period, the stadium erupted! That kind of Olympic drama is what the games really are all about.

Perhaps the most impressive country wasn’t the powerhouse US, German or Canadian teams, but the team from Norway, who managed to win 23 medals, nine of which were gold. What really is miraculous about this accomplishment is that Norway has a population of just under 5 million. Not impressed? Take into consideration that the US, with a population of over 300 million also won nine gold medals while sending 216 athletes. Norway only sent just 99 athletes. Not that I would want to take anything away from the US team, they did fantastic, winning more overall medals (37) than any other country in Winter Olympic history. Congratulations to all the athletes! We are looking forward to the London 2012 games!

If you watched any Olympic coverage, you probably are familiar with some of the sponsors of the games. One commercial that stood out to me was for an electric car from Nissan called the Leaf. The Leaf uses a lithium-ion battery and is said to have a range of 100 miles on a single charge. The car is also said to have a top speed of nearly 90 miles per hour. Nissan claims that at a charging station with a 440 volt output, the Leaf can get almost a full charge in around 30 minutes. Another interesting feature of the Leaf is the ability for owners to control some of the cars features with a smartphone.

With solar, wind, and tidal generators basically able to provide unlimited energy once implemented, it’s hard to imagine this kind of technology not sticking around. What do you think? Is this a passing fad, or something that has the potential to catch on? Would you consider driving one of these cars, or renting one on your next vacation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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