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New Orleans Jazz Fest

Motorcycle rentals in New OrleansThe New Orleans Jazz Fest is an outstanding Heritage Festival held every year during the first week of May. In a city known for music and celebration, this week is a stand out. Despite the name, the festival draws musical acts from all genres. This year’s lineup includes such diverse acts as Cyndi Lauper, Arcade Fire, The Neville Brothers, Kid Rock, and Lucinda Williams. Also, interestingly enough Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill are playing, but not together. Pras must have been unavailable. The lineup is less than 30% jazz, which makes me wonder if the URL is intentionally tongue in cheek: Did I mention Bon Jovi is playing? Well he is, so have a nice day.

Personally, you don’t have to tell me Tom Jones is playing to get me to the festival, I would go for the food alone. If you’ve never tried Cajun food, the Jazz Fest will be an eye-opener. With such offerings as alligator pie and pecan catfish meunière the dining area will make foodies delirious with the authenticity of it all. Wash it down with a rosemint iced tea and you’ll never want to leave.

The festival also includes a crafts fair with artists from all over the world hocking their wares. You’ll find most of the local purveyors at the  Louisiana Marketplace where you can find traditional and contemporary arts and crafts from around the state.

Auto Europe now offers motorcycle rentals in New Orleans which is a great way to see the city. We also offer scooters for those of us not quite ready to jump on a Harley. Book your musical adventure today!

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