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Bands On The Run, A European Experience

European Music Tours

One of the finest things to do is witness a live musical performance while on European vacation. For hundreds of years, Europe has carried the torch of innovation and creativity when it comes to music. From the Beethoven to the Beatles, Europe has given birth to many musical visionaries. Europe is home to hundreds of high quality, historic venues for musical performance. They range in size and host a wide variety of musical genre. Smaller clubs hold numbers in the hundreds, while many stadiums hold over a hundred thousand people. Musicians from all over the world play to European crowds, hoping to impress audiences like so many before them. Upcoming entries will focus on places to see symphonies and operas performed by world class orchestras, as well as the historic theaters, and venues themselves. Today, the focus will be on a few current touring acts in Europe.

Formed in 1998, Coldplay is alternative rock band from London that puts on an epic live show experience. They have been compared to many artists, from Radiohead to Johnny Cash, and their vast influence can be heard in the studio albums they have released. The band is very active in charities all over the world, and refuses to sell any of its music for advertising. This energetic show is currently on the road through October 2nd with shows in Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Bologna, Milan, Rotterdam and Antwerp. An additional UK tour begins December 1st and covers 11 shows in 18 days.

Ani Difranco
Folk, jazz and rock inspired songwriter Ani Difranco embarks on a European tour this October. Simply put, Ani commands the audience’s attention with her intimate shows, well planned sets, and impressive musical talent. She is sure to impress fans with her energetic, emotional, and inspiring performances all over Europe beginning on October 17th in Gerona, Spain. The tour covers 9 shows in just 13 days in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England.

Kanye West
Kayne West will be crossing the Atlantic to play shows in Ireland, England and France beginning on November 8th. Mr. West is known for his dramatic, high energy performances, and is sure to be well received by fans in Europe. Award winning production and brilliant lyrical work fuel record sales all over the world. Shows include a performance at London’s massive O2 arena. The final show of the tour in Paris on November 20th is the only stop scheduled for mainland Europe.

The Pogues
Somewhere between pints, the Pogues have managed to throw together a December tour of the UK and Ireland. Acclaimed by critics and fans alike, the Pogues have been performing their unique blend of traditional Irish music, rock and punk for over 25 years. Sticking mainly to college halls, this tour is sure to fuel the bands creative energy. Fans are hoping that these early Christmas gifts may lead to more shows in 2009. The tour kicks off on December 6th in Belfast, and ends just in time for Christmas on the 22nd in Dublin.

Elton John
Beginning the 19th of Noveber, Sir Elton John rockets through Europe with his extensive catalogue of classic songs. Always entertaining, fans are flocking to his shows from all over the world to see Elton on his “Red Piano” tour. This was originally a series of 200 shows in Las Vegas so well received it was decided to take it on the road. Seven shows take place in the UK, four in Germany, with additional shows in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and France.

Barry Manilow
Hear the energetic entertainment of Barry Manilow for just 4 special nights in the UK. Demand is sure to be very high for these tickets, as the fan base in the England is just as dedicated, as his American fans. A true showman in every sense of the world, Barry Manilow is sure to leave fans smiling on December 4th, 6th and 7th in London, and December 8th in Manchester, UK.

Of course this is just a small example of bands on tour. There are hundreds of amazing local bands and musicians playing in clubs and bars every night. Each city has its own amazing venues and halls that warrant their own post, so look for that in the future. A great way to follow your favorite band is in a rental car from Auto Europe. With ticket prices so high, you will be glad you saved so much money on your car rental.

More European music information to come…

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