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Captivating Driving Routes Fit for Luxury Vehicles

Hairpin turns and panoramic views are only part of the allure of these breathtaking driving routes.  From coastal highways to soaring mountain passes, enhance your driving experience by choosing to arrange a luxury rental car or SUV on your upcoming trip. Auto Europe has put together a list of our favorite driving routes throughout the world that are best accented by high-performance vehicles.

Furka Pass | Switzerland

Furka Pass, Switzerland

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Switzerland’s  Furka Pass, which is a true testament to just how amazing this roadway really is. Featured as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger, the Furka Pass is an intriguing mixture of hard slopes and sharp turns, along with also being perfectly surfaced and very wide, creating some of the best photo-ops imaginable! While it may seem ideal to channel your inner secret agent and tour in a classic Aston Martin, this region’s roadways are often snow covered and depending on when you travel, you may feel more secure in a sturdy SUV like the Mercedes Benz GLK.

Col de Turini | France
Laced with more than 30 heart-racing turns that allow travelers to look out onto the stunning scenery of the Alps of Southern France, the Col de Turini has certainly earned its place on our list of high-end driving routes. Rent a BMW 650 Convertible and feel the wind tousle your hair as you wind up the mountain and then back down through a series of high-speed corners connected by a network of hairpin turns. In the summer this is a hauntingly beautiful drive, but in the winter, it is perhaps at its most spectacular, as the trees bend over the roadways under the weight of freshly fallen snow.  For travelers embarking on their journey during the off-season, opting to rent an SUV like the sleek Range Rover Evoque is always a favorable choice for navigating in adverse weather conditions.

Northumberland Heritage Coast | England

Lindisfarne Castle

Boasting more than 30 miles of picturesque beaches, a drive along the Northumberland Coast is simply spectacular. Roll down the windows in your Bentley Continental GTC, and feel the refreshing sea breeze on your skin, as you revel in the serene beauty of your surroundings. If you become cold during your commute, simply turn on your neck warmer. This vent is discretely located just below the headrest, and provides a steady stream of warm air that will take the chill out of any drive. The Northumberland region is also home to more castles than any other county in England. Many of these structures, including Warkworth, Dunstanburgh, Lindisfarne and Bamburgh, stand guard along the rugged coastline, creating a dramatic accent to the already stunning landscapes. Continue to on to the region’s most northern area and experience thrilling history, marked by ancient walls and age-old battlegrounds.

Stelvio Pass | Italy
Measuring in at just over 9,000 feet, Italy’s Passo dello Stelvio is the second highest mountain pass in the Alps, and thanks to 48 tightly coiled turns, it is arguably also the most spectacular. Scaling the northern side of the pass in your rented Audi Q7  proves to be a seemingly endless array of heart-pounding swoops, winding past an overhanging glacier on the way to the summit. Once they have reached the top, travelers are able to indulge in acres of lift-serviced skiing, even if their trip happens to fall during the summer months.

The A81 – Gottmadingen to Weinsberg | Germany
Often touted as the world’s fastest highway system, large sections of the German Autobahn are actually subject to incredibly strict speed limits. One exception to this rule is the 121 miles of pavement that lies between Gottmadingen and Weinsberg. What this stretch of road lacks in scenery it makes up for in speed, so let Auto Europe help you get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 and experience pure driving bliss. Testers from Porsche’s nearby factory in Stuttgart often use this section of road to assess the handling capabilities of their fleets.

Great Ocean Road | Australia

Great Ocean Road, Australia

This 151-mile stretch of stunning asphalt situated along the southeastern coast of Australia is the world’s largest war memorial, as it has been dedicated to the casualties of World War I. Just a two-hour drive from downtown Melbourne, this region is filled with exciting opportunities ranging from exhilarating outdoor activities like surfing, scuba diving and sea kayaking to incredible culinary options, exhibiting the talents of local winemakers and world-class chefs. Park your trendy Porsche Cayenne Turbo and tread through the region’s past by visiting historic landmarks and maritime museums, or explore several of the nearby lighthouses, or shipwrecks that are hidden just below the ocean’s surface.

Relax & Let Us Whisk You Away
There are a multitude of other stunning roadways in Europe, so wherever you happen to be traveling next, let Auto Europe help you arrive in style. Whether you’re looking to rent a Jaguar XJ in Edinburgh, a Maserati in Nice, or any other combination you can think of, Auto Europe is able to accommodate you. Our Prestige Services provide clients with the opportunity to hand pick the make and model of their next car rental, and the specific vehicle they choose will be personally delivered to them once they have arrived at their destination. No request is too lavish, and every vehicle is backed by the most comprehensive customer service available! Contact one of our knowledgeable luxury car rental specialists today at 1-888-223-5555 to start turning your travel dreams into a reality!

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  1. I think it has made the whole process much easier as it is laid out step by step. You have certainly put a lot of effort into it which i am sure many other will find useful.

  2. paul raudonat says:

    the route from van, turkey to bahcesaray in eastern turkey is also a fabulous driving route. for many years it was unsafe due to rebel activity but is now one of the most picturesque driving routes in the middle east —- but not ideal for luxury vehicles. several land rover commercials were filmed there in the early 2000’s.

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