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Share Your Travels: The Best Online Photography Contests 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned world journeyer or just planning on taking your first overseas flight, chances are you’ll be traveling with a camera in tow. Photographs are, after all, the perfect way to capture and preserve memories for years to come, sealing special moments Best Photography Contests 2015and fantastical locations in a physical form that you can revisit in the future. All judgments aside, your photos will undoubtedly hold a special value to you regardless of the quality or size of your album; family, friends, and nostalgic bygones are at the forefront of your reminiscing mind. For most people the pictures taken on vacation abroad (or even in the backyard at home) will remain personal relics, kept private for intimate reflection with loved ones.


Travel Photography Contests 2015


Some snap-happy wayfarers, however, will find a purpose in their picture taking beyond simply preserving memories for friends and family. Maybe it’s an itinerary or travel repertoire far too epic not to share with a broader audience or a passion for art and creative perspective that drives them. But, whatever the motivation, more and more people are finding themselves enthralled with travel photography and there’s no greater pleasure than sharing your favorite experiences with others!

Professionals and well-connected aficionados have less trouble securing public exhibits, but where can amateur and beginner-level photographers find venues to gain exposure for their pictures? Blogs, social media, and photo-sharing websites are great for showing photos to friends and family but with the convenience and prevalence of digital photography it’s difficult to get one’s work to stand out amongst the endless sea of travel photos out there.








If you think your travels have yielded photos spectacular enough to make them worth sharing with the world, get inspired and consider entering these travel photography contests in 2015; you don’t have to be a pro to enter and you never know just how much your photos might be appreciated!



photography-contests-2015-cameraTravel Photographer of the Year

  • Deadline: 10/1/2015Online Photo Competitions 2015
  • Entry Fees: £7.50 (about $11.50 US) per single image entry, free entry for Young TPOTY (under 18 years old)
  • Prizes: Range from cash prizes to photo prints to photography courses depending upon category entered
  • Accepted Formats: Digital/Print

The 13th annual Travel Photographer of the Year award offers an opportunity for enthusiasts from all around the world to enter their photos for a chance to win prizes and global exposure. Photos are strictly judged without a bias based on the producing artist, so beginners can have just as good of a chance of winning as a pro, and past awards have sparked many prolific photography careers. The prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year title is awarded to the best in show but there are several categories to enter, from HD video to smartphone photography, all of which offer fantastic prizes for winners.
Learn more about entering the Travel Photographer of the Year awards



photography-contests-2015-cameraNational Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015

  • Deadline: 6/30/2015Traveler Photo Contest 2015
  • Entry Fees: $15 US per single image entry
  • Prizes: 8-day photo expedition to Costa Rica and Panama w/ airfare for two (1st Place), 6-day photo expedition to Yellowstone National Park for two (2nd Place), 6-day cruise for two (3rd Place), $200 B&H Photo gift certificate and National Geographic Masters of Photography course on DVD for 7 runner-ups.
  • Accepted Formats: Digital only

Who hasn’t heard of the prestigious National Geographic Society? Starry-eyed travelers the world over can undoubtedly recall flipping through the pages of the iconic yellow-trimmed magazine, browsing photos and articles about incredible destinations in awe. Well, now you have a chance to have your very own photos featured in places that will inspire fellow travelers around the globe! You’ll have to hurry if you want to make it into the running for the Traveler Photo Contest 2015, though, as the deadline for submissions is the end of this month.
Learn more about entering the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015



photography-contests-2015-cameraIntrepid Photography Competition

  • Deadline: 6/30/2015Travel Photography Competition
  • Entry Fees: None
  • Prizes: Overall yearly winner receives choice of any Intrepid Travel trip for two; 12 monthly winners receive prize pack of Merrell shoes, Lonely Planet travel guides, $500 AUD Kathmandu gift certificate, and Crumpler camera bag
  • Accepted Formats: Digital only

The Intrepid Travel group holds a yearly competition encouraging travelers to submit their best photos in the spirit of adventure and exploration. 12 winners are declared throughout the year based on monthly themes with one overall grand prize winner; every winner received a prize and, despite the monthly categories, participants are encouraged to send in any travel-related photos they may have. 1st prize is your choice of any Intrepid vacation package for two so get your entries in quick to secure your spot in this year’s Intrepid photography competition!
Learn more about entering the Intrepid photography competition



photography-contests-2015-cameraSmithsonian Photo Contest 2015

  • Deadline: 11/30/2015Online Photo Contest 2015
  • Entry Fees: None
  • Prizes: $2,500 cash grand prize, $500 cash individual category prizes
  • Accepted Formats: Digital or scanned copy of print

The Smithsonian Institution holds their 13th annual photo contest in 2015, highlighting shots that capture strikingly memorable moments in time. Categories for entry range from broad topics like the natural world to more specific concepts like “the American Experience”, so you’re sure to find a place to submit your unique works. One grand prize winner is selected from 70 finalists by a jury of online readers, rather than judges, but thousands of photo entries are featured in the Smithsonian’s online archives regardless of whether they win or not, making this photo contest a great opportunity to gain exposure.
Learn more about entering the Smithsonian photo contest 2015



photography-contests-2015-cameraIPA Photography Competition

  • Deadline: 6/30/2015Online Photography Competition
  • Entry Fees: $25 per single image entry, $50 per series (2-5 images), and $15 for each additional category
  • Prizes: $10,000 cash grand prize; runner-up cash prizes of $2,500 – 5,000
  • Accepted Formats: Digital only

The IPA (International Photography Awards) holds a photography competition open to amateurs and professionals alike every year. Touting itself as “the most recognized event in photography,” the IPA is a prestigious title that grants winners an exclusive seat amongst globally-recognized professionals in the field. On top of the recognition, cash prizes of up to $25,000 are granted to winners, so be sure to submit if you think some of your best photos are up to snuff!
Learn more about entering the IPA photography competition


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Free Photography Contests Online


Interested in entering a photography contest but don’t want to pay entry fees or wait for a yearly deadline? There are plenty of forums for competing against other photographers and getting valuable feedback without having to pay anything or wait months for results and many still award prizes to contest winners. Although they may not offer the same widespread recognition and esteem, these free photography contests online will help you get your photos out there while having fun and involving yourself in the greater photography community!


Amateur Photography Competitions

You don’t have to be a pro to have your photos recognized online!

Fan Art Review Photo Contests

Fan Art Review photo contests are a great way to receive feedback on your work and have fun putting your photos to the test against others. Dozens of contests are posted every day so there are plenty of opportunities to participate with a wide variety of topics and categories. Prizes and entry fees are paid in “member dollars,” which can be earned by voting on other competitions, creating the opportunity to enter and participate in these online photography contests for free.


Pixoto Free Photo Contests 

Pixoto is a forum for creating, moderating, and entering online photography contests. Entry fees and prizes are paid in “upload credits”, much like on Fan Art Review, but Pixoto also offers sponsored photo contests with cash prizes or prizes that have significant cash value. All different types of topics and categories are offered, catering to every possible niche in photography, and if you have a novel idea that you don’t see on the contest board you can create and list your very own contest.

PHOTObraniac Free Online Photography Contests  

PHOTObraniac offers free photo contests with cash prizes and a simple entry form based on a few broad categories. Winners are selected by category each month and become eligible to win cash prizes, even though no fees or dues are required for entering. In addition to prizes, winning photos are featured on PHOTObraniac’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr pages for some additional exposure.

ViewBug Photo Contests

ViewBug offers a collection of online photography contests and photo challenges geared towards specific themes and concepts. Users can opt for a premium paid membership with which they’ll have access to exclusive contests and unlimited uploads, but you can also enter free photo contests with cash prizes, awarding everything from money to gear and online subscription services with no entry fee. The amount of submissions you are allowed to post will be limited with a free account; nevertheless you’ll still have a few opportunities to get your work out there and win prizes in these free online photography contests.

SOAPhoto Photography Contests

Register as a user for free on SOAPhoto and your photographs could have a chance to be featured and eligible for some great prizes like brand new digital cameras and more. Members submit photos for review, receive comments and constructive critiques, and member-selected photos are entered into a monthly contest. With this free online photo contest you’ll get the benefit of in-depth review and individual attention to your works so you can improve on your technique; if you don’t win the contest this month, get back out there and capture a spectacular shot that will wow your peers!

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Share Your Travel Photography with The World


Got some awesome pictures of your travels abroad? We’d love to see them! Share your travel photography with the world in one of the photography contests above and feel free to show us your stuff on Twitter (@Auto_Europe) or our Auto Europe Facebook page. Keep your camera at the ready and happy travels!


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