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Car Rental in Europe

These guides cover everything you might possibly need to know during your travels. From a brief history of the country to a break down of the major regions and cities, it will set the stage for all of the fun you’ll embark upon.

Practical tips about transportation (we all know that a car rental in Europe is the best way to get around!), local currency, customs and language are included in your guide, as well as insider knowledge about where to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and entertainment. Since you customize your guide with your travel dates, it will even provide you a list of events that are happening while you are there!


Don’t let confusing visa or passport restrictions put a cramp in your trip. Read up on everything you need to know regarding customs, traveling with pets, and even bio-security! These technicalities are not as fun to read about as the museums, national parks and nightlife, but your new red-tape knowledge just may save you a lot of time, money and hassle at customs.

Learn the lay of the land, what to expect for weather and even what flora and fauna will be awaiting you at your destination. The guide recommends the best bets no matter what outdoor activity you seek. From hiking and camping to boating, fishing or golf, the guide will steer you right to where the action is. Prefer shopping and spa days? It’s got you covered with up-to-date recommendations in all the major cities.
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