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What To Do in Ireland: 10 Tips for Foodies

What To Do in Ireland: 10 Tips for Foodies

Guest Blog Series – We’ve asked travel experts to provide their advice and insights on the best European road trips. This guest blog post is written by Daryl and Mindi Hirsch of 2FoodTrippers. Daryl and Mindi are currently traveling the world one meal at a time. Learn more about their foodie adventures in Ireland below.

What to do in Ireland: 10 Tips for Foodies

We loved our magical week as we ate our way through the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. We expected the rugged Irish scenery to be beautiful with its jagged cliffs and sweeping views but the quality and diversity of the food surprised us. Seriously, the food in Ireland is great!

1. Skip the Tour Bus and Rent a Car

Car Rental Ireland

Picture courtesy of 2FoodTrippers.

Renting a car is the only way for foodies to properly explore Ireland. Many of the best food spots are off the beaten track and are too small for tour groups. For us, renting an Auto Europe car allowed us to set our own itinerary and get the most out of our vacation.

2. Shop at Markets

Irish cuisine has so much more to offer than traditional meat and potatoes. Shop at markets like the historic English Market in Cork for the best selection of excellent seafood and all kinds of cheese, bread and produce.

3. Dine at Local Restaurants

Skip the chains and check out Ireland’s wonderful local restaurants. We suggest that you splurge on at least one fancy dinner to fully experience the best local cuisine. We particularly enjoyed our dinner at Kai in Galway.

4. Stop at Artisan Producers

Cows in Ireland

Picture courtesy of 2FoodTrippers.

When you plan your Ireland road trip itinerary, be sure to research and visit artisan producers, many of which are located on the Burren Food Trail. You will long remember eating cheese and chocolate with the fine folks who actually made it.

5. Visit a Smokehouse

Smoked salmon is a staple in Irish cuisine, so it’s no surprise that the country has a lot of smokehouses. When you visit a smokehouse, you will learn about the smoking process. More importantly, you will get to taste delicious smoked salmon.

6. Detour for Ice Cream

Icecream in Ireland

Ice cream from Cafe Linnalla in County Clare. Picture courtesy of 2FoodTrippers.

Cows lead a good life in Ireland. They eat lush green grasses on rolling hills every day. So it should be no surprise that Irish ice cream is so tasty. Seek out ice cream shops during your Ireland road trip and always take time for an ice cream break.

7. Chow Down on Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are as popular in Ireland as they are in Great Britain. You must visit at least one “chippy” and eat a big, sloppy serving of deep fried fish with fried potatoes. Add malt vinegar and ketchup to taste.

8. Drink a Pint at a Pub

Roadside Tavern in Ireland

Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna. Picture courtesy of 2foodtrippers.

Every Irish town has at least one good pub, often more, serving up pints of Guinness and dry cider. End your touring days with a pint (or two) and stay to listen to Irish folk music also known as Craic.

9. Take Long Walks

Let’s face it – you will eat a lot during your culinary road trip in Ireland, and much of the food will be rich. By walking, you will burn off some of those extra calories. As a bonus, you will experience the beauty of the Irish countryside while you’re walking.

10. Enjoy the Spectacular Views

Scenic Views In Ireland

A boggy coast in the Dingle Peninsula. Picture courtesy of 2FoodTrippers.

Ireland may be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe if not the world. Be sure to check out sites like the Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle Peninsula, Connemara and the Burren.

It’s time to pin it for your next road trip adventure!

What To Do In Ireland: 10 Tips for Foodies

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2foodtrippersDaryl and Mindi Hirsch, married culinary travel influencers, are traveling the world in search of the next great meal. They share their food photos and the stories behind the food on their blog, 2foodtrippers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Ireland is on our list for next year, and your tips will be handy.

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