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Slovakian Comfort

Sometimes you find a recipe and you say to yourself, where have you been all my life? How is it that I’ve been alive for thirty-some-odd years and never had your tastiness in my gullet? That was my experience with Bryndzové halušky. And no I don’t have any idea how to pronounce it. Just go with it; it tastes good.

I came across it while researching Slovakia. Generally when I write about a location, I work from a reference of personal experience. Sometimes, I am called upon to write about a place I have never been to. This was one of those occasions. While I generally skip over the national drink (Germany, beer? Who would have thought…) and the state bird (Utah. Seagull. Really?) Slovakia’s national dish immediately grabbed my attention. Bryndzové halušky is made up of three elements. The first is potato dumplings. I have never met a dumpling that I didn’t like. Shrimp dumpling, soup dumpling, banana dumpling, name a food, put the word dumpling after it, and I will like it. The second element is sheep’s cheese. Much like dumplings, you would be hard pressed to find a cheese I do not like. Unless it is a “cheese product.” I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good. Thirdly and most importantly, it is topped with smoked bacon or pork fat.

So to recap, one part potato, one part cheese, one part bacon. Yes, please. The dumplings are very similar to gnocchi in appearance. They consist of grated potato and flour, which form a dough and are then boiled. When the dumplings come out of the boiling water, they are immediately topped with the sheep’s cheese so that it will melt and coat them. Now simply garnish with smoky, crispy, porky goodness and voilà, unadulterated deliciousness. Now get out there and find your undiscovered favorite food. Arrange your car rental with Auto Europe today!

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