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Not For the Faint of Heart

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Let’s talk about haggis. Haggis strikes fear into the heart of the non-foodie. Sheep’s stomach stuffed with minced offal and oatmeal is outside of most people’s comfort zone. Now upon first examination this seems to make sense, but some of the same people that turn their nose up at haggis will chow down on a hot dog or bratwurst. When you consider the fact that the “natural casing” for hot dogs and bratwurst is animal intestine, this seems to be a bit of a double standard.

These days haggis is generally made with natural casing rather than sheep’s stomach, so really it is just a sausage. In Scotland you can find haggis in the local chip shop where they will deep fry it alongside a Twinkie for you, but I would not recommend that be your first sampling of this delicacy. There are a number of restaurants in Scotland with talented chefs who have elevated the art of haggis making to fine dining and with top tier ingredients haggis truly shines.

Now I will admit that I may not be the most convincing person to make this argument. I like scrapple and black pudding. I have made omelets with spam and enjoyed them immensely. I have even been known to eat S.O.S., or chipped beef on toast, as it is known in polite company. But that aside, if you find yourself north of Hadrian’s wall and want to try something new I urge you to give haggis a try.

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