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Fishing and Fine Dining in Australia

If you yearn for wild adventure, haute cuisine and freshly caught fish, head down under to savor ardent summer offerings. Vast and wild, with over 15,000 miles of coastline, Australia provides visitors with abundant opportunities to relax and reflect near crystal waters under the southern skies. The coolly cosmopolitan capital cities of Australia also offer so much in terms of cultural and dining amenities that it can be difficult to choose between untamed and urban Australian activities. Never limit your experience; with a rental car in Australia you can quickly move from a hip urban center, like Sydney to a breathtakingly wild lake where you can muse for hours among rare floral and fauna, a fishing rod in hand and your loved ones at your side.

Lake Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a great way to catch fresh fish in the lakes of New South Wales.

There’s just something about fishing that makes it a uniquely soul satisfying activity. Perhaps it’s the clean breeze and the warm sunshine, or the sheer beauty of the lakes, rivers, bays and beaches that draw the sport fisher. Maybe it’s the process of selecting the optimal conditions to attract your desired catch with just the right depth, water flow, local topography and time of day. There is a precise science to understanding the place and time that a fish will be hungry enough to mistake a hook for a snack. In my 29 years of sport fishing, I have come to realize that the catch is beside the point. Even the freshest wild salmon purchased from a favorite fish market in my incredible harbor side city is pale when compared to that playful tug which feels like a fond handshake from the watery world’s inhabitants.

If you don’t plan to spend all of your time in the wild with a net in your hands, you could confine your fishing trips to one or two days, as there are plentiful opportunities to explore and fish without having to travel too far in your Australian rental car. Australian cuisine reflects the bounty of the nation, which is a crossroad between eastern, western and indigenous cultures. Fresh ingredients meet the fusion of the very best techniques of  Asian and European gourmet cuisine, and then get paired with world-class vintages from nearby wineries. Adelaide is nestled among 200 wineries and celebrates this blessing in mid-February with the annual Cellar Door festival, but high quality wine and winery tours can be enjoyed throughout the nation.

Enjoying Australian Food

With fresh produce, succulent seafood and incredible wineries, Australia is going gourmet. Raise a toast and enjoy!

To fish legally in Australia, you need to purchase a recreational fishing license from the state you are fishing. The countryside is peppered with places to purchase one, but you may also do it online for some states. This doesn’t cost very much if you are only buying a license for a couple of days, and fees help fund local conservation and sustainability efforts. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with catch limits and size minimums to ensure that you don’t have unpleasant or costly encounters with conservation officers.

If you are more interested in the challenge of the open ocean and deep sea fishing, most coastal cities in Australia have charter fishing tours where a local expert can take you on their well-equipped boat and instruct you in catching your limit! Renting a car in Cairns, for instance, will provide you with numerous opportunities for fishing tours, as well as Great Barrier Reef snorkeling. You can dry off as you sun yourself on a sandy beach. Once you get your land legs back you can slip on your dancing shoes, as the fun an urban city of Cairns provides abundant nightlife and dining opportunities!

Outdoor lovers may choose to head to Hobart, the largest city in Tasmania. Wilderness survivalists advocate for outdoor adventurers to carry a stash of chocolate, just in case they require an intense energy boost. After loading up some the wares at the famous Cadbury chocolate factory, you can drive your rental car to the summit of Mount Wellington for sweeping views of the city below. It would take less than an hour to reach Franklin River for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The Tyenna and Derwent Rivers are adored for fly fishing and yield impressively large specimens every year, but if you are looking for a sure catch, there are also popular trout and salmon stocked ponds.

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