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Finding Healthy Foreign Cuisine

Many travelers plan to eat healthy while traveling, but eating healthy foods on your vacation is not always the easiest thing to do. When staying in cities known for their fabulous cuisine, it is nearly impossible to ignore the open air markets, chocolate filled windows and quaint restaurants.

Tips to Eat Healthy When Traveling

One suggestion that I feel was most valuable, was to stock up on power food like trail mix and granola. Snacking on oats throughout the day will give you the energy you need to keep moving throughout Europe’s finest cities, and is a healthy alternative to stopping at random street corners for lunches. Now I’m not saying that you should avoid the street food, but if you’re trying to stay healthy and save money, this can help.

Prepare Your Own Food When Traveling

Another way watch your intake is to prepare your own meals. While this is not really optimal for big dinners, it can be perfect for breakfast, or better yet, lunch. In France for example, you can buy a baguette and some cheese for under 5 euros. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine for a romantic afternoon picnic. Not only will you be able to monitor what kind of food you’re eating, but you will be saving money so that when you do splurge, it won’t seem all that bad.

Ask the Locals Where to Eat

Another suggestion I’ve heard is to ask locals where the good deals are. They can often point you to places that would have gone otherwise unnoticed. Many times, these hints will lead you to the best deals in the city. Mention, you’re looking for healthy alternatives and you will be surprised at what you can find, and you may even make some new friends on your next European vacation.

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