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The Sounds of Southern Spain

Car rental in SpainThe Granada International Festival of Music and Dance (24 June-14 July) is a three week long celebration of the musical heritage of the region and all that it encompasses. The backdrop for the festival is the sweeping grandeur of Granada and the cathedrals and palace gardens that dot the city. One of the main venues for the series of concerts is the Palacio de Generalife and its series of exquisite gardens. The palace is said to be the best example of Moorish gardens still in existence in Spain.

The music and dancing is not limited to traditional forms. Creative expressions in all its forms are celebrated including jazz and opera. Although many of the concerts and performances are held at the palaces and cathedrals in the city, many of them are at less formal settings like cafes and even impromptu jam sessions in the streets.

The festival is also a great place for children. There are concerts and dance performances aimed at a younger audience and keeping them entertained. There is a Children’s Festival within the broader festival designed for families.

While in Granada there are many other attractions outside of the festival worth seeing. The city is located in close proximity to both the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Mediterranean coast. A short drive out of the city and you could be lounging on the beach or hiking. Personally, I’d take the beach.

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