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The Great Grapes of Germany

Winemaking: All About Popular Grapes of Germany

I love wine. This is why, when asked the best time to travel to Germany, I often reply, “Mosel Weinfest!” Maybe I’m just a bit thirsty, but I believe that the wine fest is one of the best reasons to travel to Germany. It is my firm belief that celebrations and festivals make excellent travel memories.I find that visiting a place during a celebration brings out the best in locals.They are showing off what they do best, and are doing it not only for tourists, but for each other. The Mosel Weinfest – which takes place from May all the way through October – is no exception.The long date range makes the Mosel Weinfest perfect for busy travelers who have a hard time scheduling their summer travel plans.

Throughout the summer, hundreds of wine festivals are held across the Mosel River Valley in celebration of the region’s wine producing culture. (Hint: don’t miss the most famous of the region’s varietals: the Riesling). But these festivals don’t only focus on wine; they also feature live music, food and locally produced arts and craft sales. I find there’s no better place to buy thoughtful gifts or one-of -a-kind home decorations than in festivals like this. You’re sure to discover something that no one else you know will have.

Another reason I recommend visiting Germany during the Mosel Weinfest is that it is a fun, beautiful, “off the beaten path” destination. Small, romantic towns dot the river banks and friendly faces pour liberal glasses of wine. There are amazing castles (don’t miss the Eltz Castle) and other historic landmarks to visit along the way. Best of all, it is a place where you can create a vacation that is all yours – no official itinerary necessary. Just make sure to pack a handy language translator, as fewer locals speak fluent English in the Mosel Valley than they do in larger metropolitan areas.

No matter where or when you visit Germany, be sure to raise a glass of fine German wine to your lips and heartily declare, in the spirit of the locals, “prost!”

(That’s like “cheers!” …didn’t I say to remember your translator?)


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2 Responses to The Great Grapes of Germany

  1. Geoff says:

    As a huge wine enthusiast, this sounds like my dream come true! Now all I need to do is get to Germany…

  2. Janet says:

    I have a question while you are talking about festivals…Years ago I was in Salzberg, Austria. It was probably October and there were music groups everywhere we went. Dan anyone guess when a festival like this takes place? I would love to get in on something like this again. Thank you. janet

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