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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Looking to take part in one of Europe’s largest art and cultural festivals? Then travel to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe. Originally started as an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival in 1947, it is now part of the larger event collection known as the Edinburgh Festival. The Fringe is by far the best known and biggest festival of them all.

About the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The festival attracts events from the performing arts, theater, comedy, as well as dance and music. No matter what you are looking for in terms of performance art you will find it around every corner in Edinburgh. Theater performances range from ancient Greek classics to new works being debuted every hour. All performances are free of rules and guidelines regarding the type art that performers want to convey to audiences. Because of this, you will be pleasantly surprised with presentations you wouldn’t normally see at any other formal art festival. There is literally something for everyone.

You will find there are ticketed events as well as live events going on at the street fair all day long located on the Royal Mile. Make sure you book tickets early! Last year over 1.8 million tickets were sold over the course of 25 days to 34,265 performances of 2,098 shows in 265 venues. The best way make the most of the festival’s many venues is with a car rental in Edinburgh. After taking in the Fringe event, you’ll have plenty of fuel to drive to many of Scotland’s famous landmarks.

Have you attended this event in the past? Leave a comment with your favorite Fringe performance!

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