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Remarkable Carnivals

Imagine being a part of the biggest street party you’ve ever seen. In terms of off-beat merriment and spectacle, it’s really hard to beat Carnival. Traditionally, it’s a way to get in an excessive level of fun and celebration before a long period of fasting and reflection in which many people opt to participate. In countries throughout the world, Carnival is observed in a variety of ways, but every version is flecked with outlandish revelry that highlights the most joyous aspects of the locale. With the season rapidly approaching, you may be looking to join this fun event. Here are some of our favorites Carnival locales:

Remarkable Carnivals in Europe & Around the World

Rio and Venice Carnival

Rio de Janeiro and Venice both offer magnificent Carnival festivities!

For a sizzling escape from the winter doldrums, rent a car in Brazil and prepare yourself for a six-day bacchanal of surf, sand and samba. People take to the streets for this international party in true Brazilian style: with elaborately colorful costumes and intense percussive music. While the sartorially scandalous, samba-till-sunrise nightclub culture of Brazilian Carnival makes this an ideal adult vacation, there are many child-friendly options where kids can boogie to bongos in the sunshine all day long. Parades and city neighborhood block parties will feature impressive decorations and performances that would charm those of all ages. For maximum fun, it’s good to start in Sao Paulo, which heats up on the Friday and Saturday nights, and then mosey into Rio de Janeiro for their Sunday and Monday festivities.

Like many great world holidays including American Independence Day and French Bastille Day, Carnival in Venice began in name of political revolution in 1162, when a new republic rose to victory. The Venetian method of reveling with masked mingling became wrapped in pre-Lenten feasting and has been a celebrated aspect of this aquatic city, making the iconic Carnival one of the best times to visit Venice. Carnival kicks off yearly with the Festival of Brides, where thousands of masqueraders hit the streets, and then culminates in 10 days of entertainment as inherent to Venice as the canals themselves. You will be treated to exquisite examples of Renaissance and Baroque performance art like acrobatics and operetta in the open city squares and theaters. People who want to take their Carnival experience to the next level can purchase tickets to elaborate costume galas and commence to party like it’s 1399!

The best US example of Carnival surrounds the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans. This magnificent Louisiana city shindig features more than three weeks of parades representing a widely costumed range of participants and spectators, with parades for every theme from Cleopatra to Chewbacca to incredibly handsome men (The Mystic Knights of Adonis). A unique way to cut down on challenging city parking and add yet more edge toward your Mardi Gras vacation is to utilize Auto Europe’s great deals on motorcycle rentals in New Orleans!

Cologne Fastnacht

Fastnacht festivities in beautiful Cologne, Germany

The German word for Carnival is Fastnacht, and it features an array of festivities throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and is referred to as a fifth season. The Cologne Carnival is the best-known and largest, with officially crowned costume characters and wooden mask parades marking a week-long street parade which is also fondly known as the city’s “crazy days.” The simple presentation of medieval traditions and hearty festival foods make Fastnach an especially family-friendly event, and can be savored by those of every age.

Whether you are hopping from city to city on an overseas carnival crawl or simply retreating into nature for moments of reprieve from the brouhaha, a rental car will enhance your experience. Auto Europe has more than 5 decades of international car rental experience, collaborating with the world’s most reputable suppliers to provide you a wide variety of discounted rental vehicles.  Our extensive fleet options ensure that you will find the perfect type of vehicle to suit you and your companions. With our three-step car rental booking engine, it’s a snap to check rates and reserve your rental car online, or you can call us toll-free for more assistance at 1-888-223-5555.

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