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Can’t Miss European Festivals

Each year millions of people from all walks of life travel to see festivals throughout the world. Many of us are familiar with these unique opportunities for tradesman, artists, actors and musicians to showcase talents, and offer hand made products and demonstrations. Of course we all know about Oktoberfest, but here are some of the upcoming festivals in Europe you might find of interest, and can be driven to easily while on vacation in Europe.

Libro Balloon Cup September- 19th-26th
The skies above the town of Kirchberg, Austria fill with color during this European Festival. Learn about the history of ballooning or take a ride in one if you have the courage! Be check out the Night Glow when hundreds of balloons take off in the evening, and illuminate the Austrian skyline.

Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival October 4th
This large annual wine celebration showcases wine from the grapes grown in Paris. Local and national musicians frequent this festival, performing in the evening. Local produce and craft tables are also available for shopping and there will be short film screenings all day long. It all leads up to the fireworks display from the Sacre-Coeur Gardens, in Paris France.

British National Ploughing Championships- October 11th & 12th
Watch as over 150 of the United Kingdom’s toughest ploughmen leave it all out on the field (literally) using everything from horses to modern equipment. This festival will offer a variety of crafts, displays and shopping. Bring the kids and head out to Marden, near Tonbridge in Kent, England.

Slieve Bloom Storytelling Festival- October 16th- 18th
Storytelling is alive and well at the Slieve Bloom Storytelling Festival, This Irish festival is a fun chance for adults and children alike to hear some of Ireland’s best story tellers passing on tall tales and legends passed on for generations. The storytellers of the region manage to keep history alive with their entertaining renditions of ancient events, local haunting tales and comedic adventures.

Berlin Tattoo Convention- December 1st- 30th
Tattoo enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes gather at the Berlin Arena in Germany to celebrate tattoo culture of the world. Tattoo competitions draw in a large crowd here in Berlin. Get inked or just watch the tattooing and art exhibits set up by vendors and artists from all over the world.

These are just a few of the upcoming festivals in Europe. I would love to hear about your festival experiences, so please leave a comment!

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