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Aalborg Carnival

If you’re looking for some fun and excitement in Denmark, look no further than Aalborg Carnival. This massive celebration has been taking place annually for over 20 years, and is now bigger and better than ever. Not only is it a great way to welcome the summer, it is also the self-proclaimed “largest carnival celebration in northern Europe.”

The carnival has three main events. The grand parade draws around 100,000 people, and begins at four different places in the city. The parade then meets up and continues on to a local park known as the Kildeparken for more dancing, music, and good times. Viewers are treated to thousands of performers, who are there for your entertainment. The parade has grown over the years to attract dozens of performance troupes from all over the world!

Another element to the carnival is the battle of the bands, which draws acts from all over the world. The bands perform in front or crowds of thousands, all trying to win the grand prize, which includes lots of money and a record contract.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects to this unique celebration is the children’s carnival. An entire day is dedicated for children to enjoy. This includes their own separate parade and events, that are geared towards kids. This has become one of the biggest attractions of the carnival for young families.

Each year the carnival has a different theme. The theme for 2010 is Mars and Venus. Sounds like some out of this world fun! The largest carnival in northern Europe takes place the last week of May. If you have always wanted to travel to Denmark, Aalborg Carnival may be the perfect reason to book your next vacation.

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