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Inner Wanderlust

Travel Blog Spotlight: Inner Wanderlust

Travel blogs have become a popular way for avid journeyers to share their adventures, but truly fascinating endeavors can be hard to come by. In the massive community of online writers and bloggers, one couple has set themselves apart from the crowd with a unique challenge that highlights the wonders of global travel while inviting others to come along and share in their experiences! They call their outfit Inner Wanderlust, and you won’t want to miss it.


12 Startups, 12 Months, Unlimited Adventures

Kate Inner Wanderlust

“We find that traveling really encourages us to make the most out of each day.”
-Kate of Inner Wanderlust

Paul and Kate, two former London residents, have set out on a journey to bootstrap 12 new startups in only 12 months, all while sojourning dozens of countries around the globe. After leaving their day jobs and nearly all possessions behind, this daring couple set out on a mission to make traveling the world sustainable by creating successful new businesses on the go.


At this point, Paul and Kate are 8 months into their challenge and have so far been successful thanks to a hard-working attitude and some international insight. According to the couple, they “are getting heavily involved in the startup scene of each country they go to through giving talks, attending events and by getting in touch with

Paul Inner Wanderlust

“We are passionate about what we do, it doesn’t feel like work.”
-Paul of Inner Wanderlust

local entrepreneurs. This allows them to grow their network, make friends and ultimately understand different markets around the globe.”


While it may seem fanciful, Paul and Kate admit that their bootstrap challenge requires a lot of hard work. 15-hour days are not uncommon and any surplus revenue is reinvested directly into the newly-founded startups. While the two continue to work from the road, this endeavor shows just how fulfilling travel can be; getting out an experiencing the world is inspiring and motivating as well as relaxing and fun. What’s truly intriguing about Inner Wanderlust is that it’s not just another couple traveling without a purpose or direction; these two have a vision, and they’re doing whatever it takes to make their travel dreams a reality!


The Inner Wanderlust Startups

Curious as to just what Paul and Kate have come up with in their first 8 months on the road?

Here are the startups they’ve bootstrapped so far:


Tea WittyA loose leaf tea subscription service focused on health & travel, Tea Witty also offers health challenges and functional tea blends.


ForgetfulMrA greeting card and reminder service for special dates. Forgetful Mr makes it easy to remember all occasions.


Find Juice BarA worldwide juice bar locator application. Find Juice Bar helps you get your health fix no matter where you go!


WebevateCrowd-sourced user testing platform. Webevate provides real user feedback on your website in just 48 hours.


YouMeAchieveA global entrepreneur community, YouMe Achieve keeps you accountable, grows your network and helps you achieve your goals.


Purpose WinsA socially responsible marketplace. Purpose Wins offers unique handcrafted items from around the world.


Start Me Up


Documentary capturing the journey of Kate and Paul bootstrapping 12 startups in 12 months, whilst traveling. Start Me Up also showcases the diverse startup scenes around the world.



24hr Ideas

Ideas generation service. 24hr Ideas provides ideas for solutions to your business problem and/or campaign.


Want to Follow Inner Wanderlust?

If you want to keep up with Paul and Kate on their adventures around the globe, check them out on the official Inner Wanderlust travel blog.


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