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Happy Birthday to Rome

Rome Birthday CelebrationThe city of Rome celebrates its birthday every April 21st. Being in the city during this time can be a very exciting experience for travelers of all kinds and certainly one of the best times to visit Rome. This year, the city of Rome will be 2763 years old. One of the things that makes Rome enjoyable, is the vast amount of history and culture. To celebrate the birthday, many of the galleries, archeological sites and museums are open to the public at no cost. This alone is reason to be excited, but there’s so much more. Throughout the day, viewers line the streets and fill the plazas for all kinds of recreations. You can see the ancient Roman Army, proudly displaying traditional armor, gladiators being paraded all over the city in preparation for battle, and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Roman senators in full decor. From chariot races to mock battles, the city literally comes alive with history.

Rome Birthday Facts

Another interesting element that has been done before are the stage performances. Watch as ancient gods are brought to life with the help of some of the finest Roman thespians. One story you might see reenacted is that of the founding of Rome. There are many legends as to how it all went down, but the most famous one is that of the story of Romulus and Remus. Legend has it that these two twin brothers were sons of Mars, the god of war, and were abandoned at birth. They were then taken in by a she-wolf, who raised them until they were found by a shepherd. As adults the brothers wanted to establish a city, so they allowed the decision to be made by omens. Allegedly, Remus saw six vultures flying above the hill where he thought the city should be, however soon after, his brother Romulus saw 12. Soon the outline of the city was established, and a defensive wall was erected. Remus was not pleased by this and attempted to cross the wall and was killed.

You will learn all about that and so much more if you are in Rome for April 21st. In many skits volunteers are asked for from the audience. Don’t be afraid to step up, because like the old saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! If you’re interested in travel to Rome during April, remember that Auto Europe can handle all your travel needs. From flights & hotels to car rentals & chauffeur services, we can make it all happen for you.

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