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Germany’s Conservation Effort

A lesser known fact about Germany is that it dedicates much of its land to conservation. There are currently 15 national parks, 14 biosphere reserves and more than 90 nature parks. Germany’s nature parks are large protected areas of land, where you will find access to trails you can use for hiking, great sites for camping, and other various forms of outdoor recreation. The parks range in size, can be easily accessed from major roads are always a hit and a great stop while cruising in a motor home rental across Europe. Many people choose to make this a focal point of a trip, and choose to rent motor homes in Europe.

The Bavarian Forest National Park was the country’s first national park in 1970. It covers 243 square kilometers. It is the largest area of protected forest in central Europe. Majestic mountain peaks offer views that will inspire and leave you breathless, while the crystal-clear waters of Lake Rachelsee, the park’s only glacial lake, will cool you off after a long day of hiking. Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of wildlife when walking on the 300 km of trails. There are also 200 km dedicated to biking, and 80 km for cross country skiing. A network of over 300 km of clearly marked footpaths, almost 200 km of cycle routes and around 80 km of cross-country ski runs offers visitors plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the national park in summer and in winter. Many tours are available free of charge as well, and there is even a forest play area for children. The Bavarian Forest National Park is without a doubt one of the most beautiful forests in the world, and well worth seeing if you are a fan of the outdoors.

Situated in the north of the Eifel region, Eifel National Park provides a protected habitat where trees were once commercially cut. New wild natural forests are developed and are currently providing a safe habitat for more than 230 endangered plant and animal species. Wild cats, kingfishers and several species of bat are just some of the animals you will see. Visitors can explore the national park at their own leisure, or take a guided tour from park rangers. The visitor center offers many interesting activities and exhibitions for people of all ages.

The Jasmund National Park has very diverse landscape, in a rather small area. You can find an interesting mix of marshes, wetlands and dry grassland, as well as the chalk cliffs at the Königsstuhl. You may have seen these famous cliffs in some of the works by the painter Caspar David Friedrich. The national park also includes ancient beech tree forests that have existed since the 13th century. This park is great for all kinds of exploration on the hiking and biking trails that are scattered throughout, and will leave you satisfied after a long day of exploration.

These parks lend themselves to day trips, or even staying a little longer if you are touring around in a motor home rental in Germany. Wherever you go in Germany, keep an open mind about visiting these beautiful national parks and you will be sure to see some breathtaking landscapes.

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