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World Cup Approaches

If you are thinking about attending the World Cup this year, not only are you the envy of the office, but you will most likely discover that there is far more to South Africa than meets the eye.

We all know the games are going to be dramatic and exciting no matter who is playing, but in between matches there’s much to do. You could take a guided safari tour at one of many the many South African game preserves, where you can get up close and personal with some of the indigenous species of the region. The safari’s are extremely popular and give you the chance to see incredible wildlife like never before. If you’re in the mood for some more adventure, take a trip to the coastal areas and do some cage diving with sharks. There’s a reason for the cages is that there are areas where you will find all kinds of tiger sharks, which can grow to be quite large. If the idea of swimming with sharks isn’t your cup of tea, there is actually quite a bit of skiing from May-September at several South African resorts.

Then of course there’s the matches! They are sure to be thrilling as ever, as Italy looks to win a second consecutive tournament, having beat France for cup in 2006. The US doesn’t get to ease into the tournament, as their first game is against the powerhouse team from England. Which ever team you are rooting for, it’s sure to be exciting.

Whether you choose to stay busy in the city, or enjoy the natural beauty of the land, South Africa will provide you with world class memories that you can’t get anywhere else.

World Cup 2010 Groups

Here are the countries that are playing this year. One major country not on the list is Ireland, who was eliminated by France in the qualifying rounds. There was a major movement in Ireland to have the game replayed, as it was so close. Unfortunately for the Irish team, once it was over, that was that.

2010 World Cup Group Chart

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