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Travel Germany? Yes, Bitte!

Rental Cars in GermanyIf you are thinking about going overseas to travel Germany, congratulations. Bordering eight countries, Germany is the most centrally located country in Western Europe and a mild climate offers a wide breadth of the best times of year to go to Germany. As you can imagine, having so many countries on it’s border really has it’s advantages. For starters, you get an amazing blend of culture! The difference between Northern Germany, and Southern Germany is incredible, but you need to experience it for yourself.

Car Rental in Germany

One great way to experience more is with a car rental in Germany. Explore the south where you can travel into many bordering countries. For most rentals, travel to Austria, France or Switzerland is not a problem, so you could make quite a nice journey going from Munich, to Innsbruck, to Zurich before heading north through Basel or Strasbourg. Then head east through Stuttgart before coming back to Munich. It’s easy with a rental car in Germany!

Drive the Autobahn in Germany

The world-famous Autobahn makes it easier than ever to get around, and you will love the way it feels to actually see people obeying traffic laws on the highway! Probably the two biggest differences between the Autobahn and the US Interstate system are that cell phones are never allowed, and the rule of “drive right.” This means you need to stay in the right hand lane unless you are passing. This rule is enforced by undercover police officers and hidden cameras, so make sure you obey it. In some parts of the Autobahn there are no speed limits, and as you can imagine, people love seeing what their cars are capable of. Check out this post if you want to learn some more rules of the Autobahn.

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