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Shining Stars of Eastern Europe

Beyond the hustle and bustle of high-profile destinations like Prague and Budapest, there are a number of virtually undiscovered cities in Eastern Europe that are every bit as impressive as their voguish counterparts. Each of these cities are rock stars in their own right, as they harbor a deep ingrained character, along with extensive and vibrant cultural heritage that bridge the gap between East and West. By renting a car in any of these enchanting destinations with Auto Europe, you are given the unique opportunity to peer behind the former Iron Curtain and explore a region that is a fundamental part of contemporary European life.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Offering pristine landscapes that touch the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Slovenia is an outdoor destination, contrasted by culinary and cultural sophistication. Collect your car rental in the trendy city of Ljubljana and experience the country’s rural and rustic charms. Nominated for the prestigious title of European Green Capital for 2015, Ljubljana is on the forefront of sustainable travel. Not only is Ljubljana an environmentally conscious city, but it also provides some of the most interesting creative venues and lively entertainment options available. Often compared to Prague, Ljubljana is commonly known for its stunning architectural beauty, as the region is marked by picturesque castles and mansions, old homesteads and village churches that are all noteworthy due to their wealth of artistic treasures and countless natural sights.


Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Travelers venturing to Latvia can expect to be greeted by some of Northern Europe’s most scenic coastlines and expanses of idyllic forests and streams. Collect your car rental in the city of Riga, which is considered to be one of the most popular ports of call along the Baltic Sea. With its photogenic good looks, it’s no wonder this city has become a frequent flier on a number of “must-see” travel lists, including Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2014”. Admire the city’s diverse display of architecture from the driver’s seat of your rental car, or explore Old Riga on foot and fully immerse yourself in local culture.


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Croatia’s popularity as an up-and-coming vacation destination can be attributed almost entirely to the trendy city of Dubrovnik. While a number of savvy travelers caught on to Dubrovnik’s charms years ago, there are still individuals out there who are unaware of the city’s spoils. Essentially a medieval city reshaped by Baroque town planners after a disastrous earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik’s historic core seems to remain suspended in time. The hard angles of churches and public buildings seamlessly blend with the quaint stone houses that line the city’s streets, forming incredible scenery that has been virtually untouched by the 21st century.


Bratislava, Slovakia
Propinquity to nature and an array of contrasts are all part of what makes Slovakia’s capital city so alluring. Park your rental car and explore Bratislava’s narrow pedestrian streets, lined with pastel 18th-century buildings and brimming with history. Stop along the way to dine in one of the atmospheric sidewalk cafes that sit comfortably under the watchful gaze of the mighty Bratislava Castle. Once you’ve had your fill of old-world charms, you’re in luck because the city also harbors a multitude of fascinating Socialist-era architecture worth checking out.


Poznan, Poland
Poznan’s Old Town is a collage of architectural styles, lined with delicate looking churches and museums. The city’s historic attractions are accented by an array of incredible dining opportunities and a myriad of nightlife options that might make you think you have traveled to one of Poland’s larger party destinations, like Warsaw and Krakow. It is not uncommon to find establishments that blur the lines between restaurant bar and club, providing for exceptionally entertaining evenings out.


Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro
Nestled deep in the Balkans is the tiny country of Montenegro. Boasting dramatic cliffs, sprawling vineyards and charming villages, this is a destination filled with possibility. Montenegro also harbors the richest natural biodiversity found in all of Europe that is just waiting to be explored. Pick up your rental car in the enchanting city of Podgorica and start your adventure. An intriguing mix of old and new, Podgorica’s café culture and nightlife compliments its laid back Mediterranean atmosphere, creating a truly one of a kind vacation experience.

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