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Fall in Love with France: Europe’s Best Autumn Vacations

If you read last week’s blog about castle hopping in Scotland, you already know that we’re gearing up for an exciting fall season of European travel. This week we’ll be sticking with the theme of European autumn vacations and highlighting the impressive features of fall as one of the best times of year to visit France.

Start your dream trip in Europe this fall by taking a driving tour of France. You’ll fall in love with the scenery, the atmosphere and the overall character of the city. Travel to France this fall to visit exciting regions and build unforgettable memories. While you are driving to key monuments, landmarks, attractions, and a variety of cities, you will experience pleasantly warm autumn weather. The autumn colors in the countryside are exquisite. You can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, or you can park your rental car and take a dip in the refreshing waters. There are so many amazing sights in France and they are located in many different cities. You will be left with wanting to travel around Europe during every future vacation.

Key Monuments, Landmarks, and Attractions in France

Your fall travel itinerary can include visiting key monuments, landmarks, and attractions, in and around France. The majority of the monuments are found in the city of Paris, but your itinerary could also include other cities, such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Lourdes, Caen, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Strasbourg, Avignon, Lyon, and Toulouse.

France in the Fall, Paris Fall Travel, Auto Europe, Best Autumn Vacations in Europe

Appreciating Paris

• Include driving to the Eiffel Tower into your trip to Paris this fall to enjoy its breathtaking architecture and slim design.
• The Panthéon, which was originally built as a church, is famous because it houses the tombs of various French heroes. One unique fact about the Panthéon is it was changed from a church and then back to a panthéon multiple times
• Arch de Tiomphe is a famous monument that is highly recognized as the location cyclists ride past during the Tour de France. It is also known as a rich part of history because it is linked to Armistice Day and Bastille Day.

Visiting Monaco

• For a royalty fix, drive to the city of Monaco to be astounded by many famous buildings. One famous building in Monaco is where Grace Kelly visited often. She married Monaco’s prince.

Touring Chambord

• The list of Europe’s best autumn trips also includes visiting Château de Chambord, which is located in the Loire Valley, and it is known to have been designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It was also famous during the French Renaissance.

France Fall Travel, Europe's Best Autumn Vacations, Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord | Chambord, France

Discovering Versailles

• If you are a lover of art, your fall trip must include the Palace of Versailles. It is filled with spectacular paintings and gorgeous gardens. The Palace of Versailles holds an important part of history because it is where the treaty was signed that ended World War I.

Admiring Avignon

• The Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes) is famous because it once symbolized the influence of the church in the western world. It is one of the countries most visited monuments. The Palace of the Popes is a gorgeous medieval building.

France Fall Travel, Europe's Best Autumn Vacations, Palace of the Popes, Avignon

The Palace of the Popes | Avignon, France

Exploring the Loire Valley

• Château Ussé is known as the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty. This wonderful castle is located in the Loire Valley, and it is surrounded by a forest and meadows.

Traveling to Normandy

• D-day beaches are a landmark that will bring out strong memories and emotions from people of all ages, especially veterans and their families. While visiting D-day beaches, you will be taken through the battles and liberation of Normandy.

Experiencing Fascinating France Attractions Off the Tourist-Beaten Path

• If you love visiting royal places, Château Fontainebleau should definitely be on your list of landmarks to visit. It is similar to the Palace of Versailles because of the architecture and the surrounding forest. While visiting Château Fontainebleau, you can hike, picnic, and even go horseback riding.
• Château Chantilly is nestled in the valley of the Nonette in the Picardy region of Northern France.  Travelers will appreciate the Château’s gorgeous lake setting, and it is surrounded by parkland and the Chantilly Forest. If you love interior decorating and the arts, this castle is the perfect landmark to visit. It is filled with porcelain creations, furniture and portraits.

See More in France with a Car Rental

There are many attractions to visit in France, if you are looking for something other than landmarks or monuments. Although this is an extensive list of must-see monuments, landmarks, and attractions, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can see and experience while going on one of Europe’s best autumn trips. Travel to France this fall and rent a car with Auto Europe in order to explore a country filled with beautiful countryside and cities. Reservations can be made online using our secure, three-step booking engine, or by calling us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555.

France Fall Travel, Europe's Best Autumn Vacations, Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge | Southern France

There’s much to appreciate in France this fall, so while you’re there, be sure to smell the aroma and taste the unique, mouthwatering dishes offered at famous restaurants and small cafés, such as Le Meurice, L’Astrance, Huitrerie Regis, and Macéo. You’ll fall in love with the romantic language of France and everything that surrounds it. If you cannot get to all of the sites during your first trip, they’ll still be there waiting for your return trip to France!

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