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Copenhagen: World Class City

This may come as a surprise, but few people realize that Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most up and coming cities! In fact, FDi magazine recently ranked Copenhagen at #4 on its list of the Top 50 European Cities of the Future just behind London, Paris and Berlin! What makes the city so attractive to nearly 3 million residents living in the Copenhagen area? Lets take a look…

Copenhagen is repeatedly recognized as having a high quality of life. It is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities, which is obviously attractive. Much of the water that runs in the city is perfect for swimming and fishing, and over a million people ride bicycles to work each day! The city is packed with many beautiful parks of all sizes, and interestingly enough, many of the cities cemetery’s double as parks as well. It should come as no surprise that world leaders are meeting there this year to discuss climate change.

There is also much culture to be found in the city. Copenhagen is home to many world class museums. The National Museum and The National Gallery are just two examples of great places to see some of the worlds finest art, while the Cisternerne is a museum that is totally dedicated to the medium of glass art.  If you’re looking for music, there is a brand new concert hall that opened up this year, and the Royal Danish Theater is home to some excellent performances. Most people probably don’t associate jazz with Copenhagen, but take a stroll into some of the nightclubs and bars throughout the city, and you will be singing a different tune. You will also find some of the finest dining in Europe when you travel to Copenhagen, as the city is home to 13 Michelin star restaurants. Of course, you can always find many local establishments serving delicious traditional Danish food, as well as the obligatory pint of Carlsberg Beer! All in all, Copenhagen may be the best kept secret in Europe. Don’t expect it to stay like that for long!

Next time you travel to Europe, be sure to spend some of your vacation in Denmark! You won’t be disappointed.

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One Response to Copenhagen: World Class City

  1. Kat says:

    On your next visit to Copenhagen make sure to visit the Carlsberg Brewery located in the City Center! Even if you don’t drink this tour is loads of fun! good the Danes hate to see it leave!

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