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best palces to party in Europe

6 Best Places to Party in Europe: Dance Destinations

Forget the monuments, museums and history for a moment … today we focus on present-day Europe – a destination which offers travelers some of the most exciting music, nightlife and dancing in the world. If you’re looking for an epic dance destination this summer we invite you to start with our list of the 6 best places to party in Europe. Let loose in one of these fantastic cities and you’ll have memories (and stories!) which are sure to last a lifetime.

Amsterdam: Next Level Nightlife

The Netherlands may be best known for its low-lying location, but when it comes to epic nightlife this country is above the grade. It’s safe to say that any time you enter a city which has designated a mayor to govern nocturnal activities … it’s about to get real. Welcome to Amsterdam – the best party city in the world. Whether you plan to spend time at an iconic club like Trouw (which has a license to party 24 hours a day), prefer to get wild in the infamous Red Light District, or you’re planning a summer visit and want to dance all night at a beachside rendezvous, Amsterdam is the clear front-runner of this list and certainly one of the best places to party in Europe.

Amsterdam, Best places to party in Europe

From iconic clubs to the infamous Red Light District, Amsterdam is clearly one of the best places to party in Europe.

Barcelona & Madrid: Spanish Seduction

For most clubbing aficionados the question isn’t whether or not you’ll party in Spain – it’s where. The nightlife of Barcelona and Madrid are seductive strangers – batting eyelashes and offering a sly smile from across a crowded room – and whichever city you choose as your dance partner (hey – why not spend some time with both?), Spain’s nightlife will offer travelers an appreciation for this destination which you won’t find in the tourist brochure. Don’t skip Razzmatazz and make sure to spend a night at Ker, and if you’re planning a summer getaway to Spain we suggest that you “go coastal” at Primavera for an epic beachside bash.

Barcolna, Razzmatazz, best places to party in Europe

Picture yourself among an enthusiastic crowd, cheering during an epic concert at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain.

Basel, Switzerland: The Clubs are Alive with the Sound of Music

This choice may surprise you, but it shouldn’t – Switzerland’s third largest city is right around the corner from some of the best dance music in France and Germany and for those seeking a unique and memorable vibe, a night out in Basel is just what the doctor ordered. Nordstern is likely the best known club in the city and if you love to dance you’ll be blown away: this venue plays host to some of the best DJs in the world. Maria and the Von Trapp family escaped to Switzerland and lived happily ever after – we think you should do the same with a summer trip to Basel!

Basel, Switzerland, best places to party in Europe

While Basel, Switzerland may look like a quaint town from a distance, some of the best dancing in the world awaits!

Zagreb: Croatia is for Lovers (of dancing)

You may know Croatia as a destination for wealthy tourists fresh off the yacht, but we think you’ll be delighted to discover an impassioned, enthusiastic dance vibe in Zagreb’s clubs. Don’t expect to find any tabloid darlings in clubs like Sirup, but if you enjoy mingling with locals and discovering the soul and spirit of a new destination amid strangers on the dance floor, then Zagreb’s nightlife will be right up your alley.

Zagreb, Croatia, best places to party in Europe

Sunrise in Zagreb is a welcome sight – especially after a long night of partying in this beautiful city in Croatia.

Berlin: Sleep is Overrated

If you’re the type of person who loses track of time when you’re out for a night of dancing … Berlin, Germany is the perfect city for you. With legendary clubs known around the world for 24/7 techno beats, visitors to Berlin can seek out venues which range from abandoned warehouses to chic, smaller venues which you’re sure to never forget. Berghain is notoriously difficult to get into, but if you are lucky enough to gain admission to this legendary club you’ll be free to stay for as long as you like (it stays open for days at a time). Berlin easily makes our list of the best places to party in Europe.

Berlin, Germany, best places to party in Europe

From legendary techno clubs to street-side celebrations – Berlin is one of the best dance destinations in the world.

Budapest: Island Takeover

The Danube River bisects Hungary’s capital city and serves as a beacon of peace and serenity … at least until summer hits and the ancient island of Hajógyári is taken over by partygoers from around the world. Originally, this island in Budapest was the site of a Roman palace, but today it is covered with trendy bars and epic clubs, making this small isle one of the hottest nightlife destinations in the world. If you’re looking for a fun travel getaway without a strict itinerary, consider a trip to Budapest: there’s plenty to do after the sun goes down and the dance scene in Budapest won’t disappoint.

Budapest, Hungary, best places to party in Europe

Bisected by the peaceful Danube, Budapest comes alive each summer evening as Hajógyári island draws thousands.

Wherever you travel, remember that Europe’s historic cities offer some of the most exciting nightlife and entertainment available in the modern world and you’ll discover a new side of these beautiful destinations by experiencing their culture and community on the dance floor. This year we invite you to break free from the tourist traps and discover the wild side of Europe. Amid the throbbing pulse of a subwoofer with the cool sweat of a cocktail glass beneath your fingertips it doesn’t matter if you speak the language – all that matters is how much fun you’re about to have!

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