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An Irish Vacation

Although it is the middle of winter, many people have already begun planning their spring and summer vacations already. If you’re looking for an economical vacation where you can see a lot of a country, a car rental in Dublin, Ireland may be just what you need to make it happen!

Things to Consider When Planning an Irish Vacation

There is no better place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than Dublin! The festivities begin Thursday, March 12th and end on the 17th. There is always lots going on all over the city- music, street theatre, family carnivals, comedy, street performances, dance, treasure hunts, are just some of the activities you can participate in. Over a million people celebrate and the parade draws about 700,000. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to several pubs; after all it is Ireland’s biggest party!

How Long Should Your Irish Vacation Be?

Many people who make the trip will stay for at least a week. The best part is, a car rental in Dublin, Ireland is affordable, and getting around from city to city is easy. Cork is only about a three hour drive away, and is a beautiful location filled with many famous sights, including the famous Blarney Castle. You can make the trip a little longer if you wish to see the scenic coast line of Ireland. Once in Cork, you will find friendly locals, small quaint pubs, and delicious fresh seafood.

From there, you can take another three hour drive over to Galway. Nicknamed Ireland’s Cultural Heard, it is known for its lively night life, festivals, celebrations and events. Many people here speak traditional Gaelic. There are beautiful churches and architecture, as well as many high quality restaurants for your dining pleasure. The Galway Comedy Festival takes place every March, and is always a big hit.

Off the Beaten Path in Ireland

If that doesn’t suit you, you can always take your car rental in Dublin, Ireland up north, and explore the costal towns and villages, all of which have their own Irish charm. Either way, you will be saying Sláinte and speaking crack in no time!

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  1. Damien says:

    As you know Hans, Todd and I love to check out the Auto Europe blog. There’s a commentator, Kat, that leaves some rather insightful messages. I’d love to hear what she has to say about Ireland. Todd and I are going to Dublin in April and are looking for recommendations on some cozy, low key pubs.

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