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All About Munich Germany

car rental in munichNo matter where you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to research your destination. One city worthy of your investigation is the Bavarian Capitol of Munich Germany. After you learn about Munich, you may want to start planning your next vacation!


Where is Munich Germany?

Munich is located on the River Isar in Southern Germany, just north of the Alps. It is the third largest city in Germany and is home to the world’s largest beer celebration, Oktoberfest. It’s mix of cultures create a lively atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back, and locals not going anywhere. It is often ranked highly in polls that determine the how livable cities are.

Things to do in Munich

The most iconic image of Munich comes in the form of the scenic Marienplatz. Located in the city center, this open square is bordered by the Old and New Town Hall. The most famous building in the area is the Frauenkirche. It is impressive, but some would some say the most impressive thing in Munich is not the architecture of buildings that have stood for centuries, but the food and drink.

Munich is home to the famous Haufbrauhaus, that has been brewing beer since 1589. One of the reasons for it’s success is the Bavarian Beer Purity Law, which states that only all natural ingredients could be used to make the nectar of the gods. This has paid off for the city. Each year over five million people make the pilgrimage to Munich to sample the delicious beer, which must be brewed within city limits in order to get an official label as “Oktoberfest Bier”.

There are numerous parks and gardens that are there for your delight. You can grab some local cheese and bread from one of the many farmers markets in Munich, and head to places like the Englischer Garten, one of the world’s largest urban public parks! The parks at Nymphenburg and Schleissheim Palace are also quite remarkable and worthy of your attention.

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Munich

  1. Beer
  2. Marienplatz
  3. Frauenkirche
  4. Alt Rathaus
  5. FC Bayern
  6. Englischer Garten
  7. BMW HQ and Museum
  8. National Theater
  9. Maximilianeum
  10. Nymphenburg Palace

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