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A ‘Run’ Through Newcastle

Everyone in the family agrees this year’s vacation will be spent in the United Kingdom. There’s just one problem: little Susie wants to see the animals and you want something more cultural and educational. So what’s the solution? A car rental in Newcastle can help your family see both!

A car rental gives you the freedom to travel wherever you please. The Great North Museum in Newcastle is the one stop shop! This museum combines the Great North Museum: Hancock and the Hatton Gallery. The Great North Museum: Hancock displays elements of the city’s history while the Hatton Gallery houses over 35,000 works of art; some of which date back as early as the 14th century!

Great North Museum Newcastle

When these attractions merged in 2009, the museum became an international sensation. Children will love the displays showcasing the wonder and diversity of the world’s animals, including live animal tanks and a virtual aquarium. Species on display range from wolf fish and lizards to pythons and leaf cutting ants. There are even full size models of  great white sharks, polar bears, and elephants!

People searching for educational endeavors, on the other hand, will marvel at the planetarium and the authentic T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. Plus, all will enjoy the mummies from Ancient Egypt and the interactive model of Hadrian’s Wall.

This year boasts an extra special treat. The Great North Museum will be this year’s host to the 30th anniversary of the Great North Run on September 19. The race began in 1981 and attracted more than 12,000 runners. Today, it is the world’s largest half marathon, attracting upwards of 54,000 entrants and thousands of spectators.

Why do you want to travel to Newcastle? Have you ever been to the Great North Museum or participated in the Great North Run? Leave us a comment below!

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