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31 Free Road Trip Planners with Stops & Attractions31 Free Road Trip Planners

31 Free Road Trip Planners With Stops And Attractions

When taking to the road in Europe, it’s always best to have a roadmap or itinerary. Not only is it helpful regarding the thoroughfare, but also in planning which sites are best to visit and when. We’ve listed our insightful road trip planner with stops that also include road trip planner attractions that are a must along the way. These are 36 beautiful places throughout Europe that will all make your trip the best one yet!

Road Trip Attractions & Stops

Italy Road Trip Planner

  1. Amalfi Coast Road TripIf Campania, Italy is calling to you, it’s probably time for the Sorrento Peninsula Road Trip Planner that brings you from Naples to Salerno. After picking up your car in Naples, cruise along the sunny coast where stopping at the Pompeii ruins is a must, as well as driving along the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi Coast (perhaps the best part of this trip). Naples, Sorrento, Positano, and Salerno are all stops along the way.
  1. Lazio Sabina Road TripLazio, Italy not only showcases the stunning foothills of Sabina, but also brings you from historical Rome all the way to Terni, where exploring Roman amphitheater ruins is just a part of the fun. After visiting the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain in Rome, drive north to Rieti, where scenic hills and olive trees are waiting to greet you. Amatrice village is next on the map, where you can explore the archeological ruins of L’Aquila before reaching your final destination of Terni.
  1. Stelvio Pass Road TripA trip to Tyrol, Italy in this Alto Adige Road Trip is sure to please anyone that loves a little adventure. Taking you from Bolzano to Livigno, prepare for beautiful Alpine views and charming marketplaces. Start in Bolzano, visit Stelvio and Bormio in-between, and end on a high note in Livigno, where you can hike, explore, and shop all afternoon long.
  1. Tuscany Road Trip Perhaps one of the most popular road trip planner with stops, take your time driving through Casentino Valley as it takes you from Florence to Camaldoli. With some of the best Italian food at your fingertips, enjoy all the country has to offer as you make your way through Florence, Pontassieve, Stia, and lastly, Poppi and Camaldoli.
  1. Veneto Road Trip – Take the Veneto, Lake Garda Road Trip Planner that brings you from Verona to Trento for stunning rocky shoreline views, winding highways, and the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Drive through Verona, Brescia, Limone sul Garda, and Trento for a taste of Italy that you will never forget, filled with medieval history and botanical gardens.
  1. Sicily Road TripAnother very popular road trip planner with stops; travel from Catania to Messina with this exciting itinerary. Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in all of Europe is a must see, along with Teatro Greco ruins when driving through Taormina. As your final stop, enjoy relaxing days in Messina, where Catholic cathedrals and boat tours await.

Germany Road Trip Planner

  1. German Biergartens Tour TripJust the name of it sounds inviting enough! This is probably one of the most interesting road trip planner attractions, taking you from Freising to Munich to Bamberg in a delightful experience of the ale that Germany is so famous for. Start at the world’s oldest brewery and work your way up to the rolling green hills of Bavaria to finish off your trip.
  1. 1000 KM Road TripDiscover North Germany as you drive on the Autobahn Cologne to Berlin, where the sites to be seen are that out of a storybook. With stops in Dusseldorf, Muenster, Bremen, Hamburg, and a few other cities, this amazing road trip provides you with a one-of-a-kind tour of Germany’s most renowned cities.
  1. Fairytale Route TripAs one of the prettiest roads in Germany, you don’t have to be young to appreciate the magic that seems to surround this area. With 4 days of travel in the itinerary, prepare to make memorable stops in Frankfurt, the village of Steinau an der Strasse, Kassel, and the Roselius-Haus Museum in Bremen.
  1. Romantic Road Trip One of the oldest turning roads in the world, this historic and scenic area will be a vacation unlike any other! From downtown Frankfurt to Wurzburg, Rothenburg to Nordlingon, Augsburg to Hohenschwangau; the beauty of Germany is easily seen while vacationing in these cities.
  1. Alpine Road Trip With 25 castles and fortresses (including the famous Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, and Linderhof castles) it’s impossible to find yourself bored as you make your way through Immenstadt, Wieskirche, Benediktbeuren, Reit im Winkl, and your last stop, the beautiful Alpine village of Berchtesgaden.
  1. Wine Road Trip Vineyards and fine food. These are the things in abundance throughout the wine road. Start in Bockenheim where wineries are on every corner, and end in Strasbourg where Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg is one of the major road trip planner attractions.

France Road Trip Planner

  1. Brittany Road TripFrance at its best, you can’t go wrong with a trip taking you from St. Malo to Rennes, all in a short amount of time. With the best weather in the summer season; St. Malo, Dinan, Montauban, and Rennes all provide that French feel that everyone wants to find.
  1. Champagne Region Road TripDriving through Picardy, Paris, Châlons en Champagne, and Chaumont (in that order), you will get to see all of the best road trip planner attractions that France has to offer. From the historical architecture, the Palace of Versailles, and the Eifel Tower; the Champagne area is one of the most popular to travel to.
  1. Dordogne River Valley Road TripCastles and enchanting landscapes make this 4 day trip through Clermont-Ferrand, Tulle, Bergerac, and Bordeaux a trip that you won’t soon forget. Stopping to see extinct volcanos, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, the Tulle Cathedral and Bell-Tower, and “Little Paris” are all a part of this amazing vacation.
  1. French Riviera Road TripFrom Monte Carlo to St. Tropez, this road trip planner with stops is perfect for those who yearn for white sandy beaches and distinguished restaurants. Go from Monte Carlo to Nice, Nice to Frejus, and finally Frejus to St. Tropaz for an exquisite trip around Europe that will show off the country in the best way.
  1. Loire Valley Road TripKnown as the Garden of France, the Loire Valley is home to some of the most beautiful castles and rolling hills (asparagus fields, no less.) Take your time traveling through Nantes, Angers, Saumer, and Tours while seeing sites such as the Cathedral of Saint Pierre, the Castle Fortress of Angers, Château de Saumur, and the Tours Botanical Garden.

UK Road Trip Planner

  1. Golf Course Tour TripGolf enthusiasts will find their sanctuary as they travel from Aberdeen to Newcastle with many worthy stops along the way. You’ll feel practically royal as you journey through Britain’s finest hotels, restaurants, and of course, stunning golf courses.
  1. Yorkshire Moors Road TripFrom Kirkbymoorside to York, see one of the greatest national parks that spans more than 550 miles long. One of the most popular English countryside tours, drive through Kirkbymoorside, Pickering, Malton, and York to see some of the paramount attractions including the Museum Gardens and the Holy Trinity Church.
  1. Film Locations Tour Trip Have you ever wondered where Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and Harry Potter were all filmed? They all took place right in the U.K! Follow story lines as you travel through cities such as Oxford, London, Bampton, Ballycastle, and Belfast depending on which film or TV show was your favorite.
  1. Scotland Sites Trip Take A9 and discover all this country has to offer including the quaint city of Glasgow, the famed Loch Ness and its iconic Urquhart Castle (the site of many famous Nessie sightings), Scone Palace, and Tay Forest Park. You won’t regret these memorable road trip planner attractions.
  1. Norfolk Coast Path Tour TripThe journey from Kings Lynn to Mundesly will delight anyone looking for some architectural beauty on their vacation. From the Gooderstone Water Gardens and Nature Trails, shopping in Hunstanton city, the stunning coastlines, Wells and Walsingham Light Railway, and last but not least, all of the pristine beaches that are scattered along the way.
  1. Scottish Highlands TripWith landscapes that pull people from all over the world, you truly can’t go wrong with a trip from Inverness to Durness. See Ben Nevis, British Isle’s highest mountain, tower over the quaint town below. Visit North Kessock, Muckernich Wood, and Durness throughout the road trip planner with stops. Museums, art galleries, castles, and bridges; you’ll be surprised at how many attractions there are to see.

Spain Road Trip Planner

  1. Basque Country Road TripA little bit of France, a little bit of Spain; your trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao is the best of both worlds. With city glamour and medieval style charm, visit Vitoria-Gasteiz, home to Escoriaza-Esquivel Palace and historical churches that will take your breath away. Afterwards, drive to Haro where wine and scenic hills are everywhere.
  1. Central Spain Road TripTravel from the famous city of Madrid to Toledo, visiting Segovia and Avila in between. A historical gem, there is really no better way to vacation in Spain then stopping at all of the historically rich cities. Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Gothic Cathedral, Basilica de San Vicente, and Catedral de Toledo are all must see sites.
  1. Andalusia Road TripRich in Spanish heritage and culture, take the trip from Sevilla to Malaga, and then to Granada and Cordoba. Great food (tapas is a must), Gothic cathedrals, the Museo Picasso Málaga cobblestone streets, white washed homes, and traditional Arab baths make up just a few of the interesting sites to see on this trip.
  1. Catalonia & Valencia Road TripNo wonder this is such a popular road trip planner with stops, with cities included such as Barcelona and Alicante. With world-class wineries, the Gran Teatre opera house, the Roman Amphitheatre, and stunning views from the Micalet bell tower; traveling through Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, and Alicante will make your spirits soar.

Portugal Road Trip Planner

  1. Portugal Wine Tour TripWith beautiful coastlines, delicious seafood, and the best wine in the country; traveling from Porto to Braga will be a trip to remember. Viana do Castelo and Guimaraes are lovely cities to stop at in between, rich in color and language. Taste the wines that make Porto so famous, and discover what all the hype is about on this classy wine tour.
  1. Touring Portugal Road TripDrive along the steep coastal cliffs from Lisbon to Sintra, stopping at Obidus and Nazare along the way for stunning views and lively people. Starting at the capital, be sure to see the Gothic Castelo de São Jorge, the exquisitely tiled Igreja de Santa Maria, and the beaches of Nazare as you explore each unique city.
  1. Best Beaches in Portugal Road TripFor those who see themselves sunbathing and relaxing like the locals; visiting Lisbon, Costa da Caparica, Estoril, and Cascais will provide beach options for days. With glittering water, world-class resort and spas, and post-card picturesque scenery, you truly can’t go wrong with this road trip planner with stops.
  1. Dao Road TripVisit Porto, Vila Real, Luso, and Coimbra in this exquisite vacation, filled with all the best wines and road trip planner attractions. Find the Soares dos Reis National Museum, the striking 18th-century palace Casa de Mateus, the Palace Hotel do Buçaco, or the oldest university in Europe, Velha Universidade; all ready to be explored.

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