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Some More Customer Questions

Last week we posted a customer question from Henry in Wisconsin, and it actually spawned two more customer questions.

Trudy Reen wanted to know about the cost of fuel in Madrid…
“How much does a liter of auto gasoline cost @ present in Madrid, Spain?
Is it the same in other cities and villages in the country?”

I thought that this would be an easy find, but it actually took me a while to find a properly updated fuel price chart for Europe. This chart seems to be the most up to date, and you can even compare price history to see trends. It looks like the average price for fuel is around one euro per liter (Gas- €1.07/ Diesel-€0.95). As far as finding out how much gas was in the city versus the smaller towns, I couldn’t really find any conclusive evidence that prices were all that much different. Remember to check your rental agreement and save your gas receipts to avoid fees.

More Auto Europe Customer Questions:

Richard Hornberger was curious about upper age restrictions…
Most people are familiar with the lower age restrictions when renting, and upper age restrictions are similar. In certain countries, our suppliers can charge a daily fee for drivers over the age of 70. This additional car rental fee varies based on location and car type. Depending on where you are makes a difference. At this time there are only a handful of countries that have upper age restrictions, the most notorious being Ireland. This means that in most countries it is not a problem, but it’s something that you will want to always double check, regardless of where you are going.

Keep the questions coming, feel free to use me as a resource! If you need more immediate assistance, remember that we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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