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First Look: Breathalyzers in France

We wrote about this a few weeks ago, but for those not aware, there is a new driving law in France stating that every car must carry a breathalyzer. To answer this call, portable breathalyzer kits have been put in the safety kit of each rental car in France. We managed to get our hands on a couple of the portable kits so here’s a first look at what to expect should you ever need to use one. (Click any image for a larger version)

How to Use a Portable Breathalyzer

As you can see, the package is about 2 inches by 3 inches, and will be in the car somewhere. Check the glove compartment, that’s normally where it will be. It may be with the other safety equipment if it is not there. It is pretty easy to use, and most people should have no problems with it.

    1. 1. Remove the breathalyzer from the package. Once the wrapper is removed there are two parts, the bag, and the tester.


    1. 2.Breathe into the bag until it’s full.


    1. 3. Shake the tester and attach it to the bag, matching the colors.


  1. 4. Squeeze the air slowly out of the bag for 15 seconds. The tester is designed to tell you if you are over the legal limit, but will not give you a specific reading.

It’s that easy! Don’t be afraid to use it. Everyone would rather have you do this test and not drive than to have you cause an accident. If you’re over the legal limit, be sure to call a cab or have someone sober drive.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask at the rental counter. These little devices may not seem all that important at first glance, but they could save your life!

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