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Don’t Scoff at Off Season Travel

Living in Maine, the off season is basically anytime except summer. Many people who work in the travel industry will tell you it’s the best time to go overseas. It is traditionally cheaper than peak travel times, and with today’s economy, saving is something we are all trying to do.

How to Save Big on Off Season Travel

Off season travel (October-March) has always appealed to those of us who want to avoid long lines and high prices. This year, with more people staying close to home for their summer vacations, affected travel industry businesses are offering better deals and lower prices in order to attract more visitors during the off season. The empty restaurants and short wait times equal better customer service. This year in particular, you can expect to see more travel incentives due to the drop in number of people traveling.

Here at Auto Europe, a car rental in Dublin, Ireland is available for just $9 USD per day, which is lower than most rentals in the United States. With savings on your rental, one can find a location to stay outside of major cities. As I have written about before, Ireland is a good place to do this! A car rental in London, England will start at around $21 USD per day, which is still affordable. London is starting Olympic sized overhauls too, so you can find great deals staying in hotels that are under renovation.

Of course, you will still want to book in advance, as most car rental agencies cut down on the number of vehicles in the fleet during the off season. Old cars are retired, but new ones may not be purchased until later on in the year. It’s a good thing that Auto Europe guarantees the best rates in the industry! This way you can book your car well in advance, and it will be guaranteed to be there.

With airlines lowering costs this off season, travel to Europe should be relatively affordable. With some shopping around, you can be sure to have an enjoyable cost effective vacation this winter!

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