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Top 5 European Castles

Top 5 European Castles

Many people enjoy visiting European Castles. Standing everywhere, these once powerful strongholds pepper the countryside of nearly every European country. Castles represent a time in history that is often romanticized in books and cinema. Many have been renovated and made…

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Ten Inspiring Travel TV Shows

There are few things that inspire travel like a well produced video. If you’re remotely thinking about going to a destination, a quick search in YouTube will bring up more homemade vacation movies than you know what to do with, which can be hit or miss to say the least. Fortunately for us, television networks have dedicated many resources into making fun, interesting, and unique shows for our viewing pleasure and inspiration. From travel basics to nature documentaries to the downright bizarre, no stone is left unturned. Here are 10 shows that may just help to inspire your next vacation.

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10 Cars in Film That Don’t Survive

Hollywood loves to wreck cars. There are so many great car chase scenes it would be hard to imagine a world where they didn’t do this. Here is a list of ten legendary cars that Hollywood has famously destroyed, or at least ruined on screen:

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5 of the Best Halloween Treats Ever

Although this is a travel blog, we also like to write about the holidays in general, and we can’t ignore Halloween! It’s that time of year again, when goblins and ghosts take to the streets and demand treats from the neighborhoods. Some people take Halloween very seriously, and their house will look amazing, but may totally skimp on the treats.

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5 Spooky Halloween Celebrations

Maybe you’ve always done the same thing for Halloween. You’ve done the passing out candy thing, the friends party thing, the bar thing and while it’s fun, you need a change. When you’re looking to take your Halloween celebration to…

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